Getting back in to home renovations

Just over a year and a half ago, I wrote a post all about some of the smaller jobs that I'd like to carry out in our home. We'd moved into a first home 4 months prior to writing that post and we'd given the living room and master bedroom a complete makeover, I'd got the bug for turning our house into a home and my head was buzzing with ideas. This August we'vebeen in our home two years and it makes me a little sad to say that we haven't done a single thing to our home since we renovated the living room and bedroom.

While this isn't our 'forever home' it's a home we're more than likely going to be in t for another good few years, we like the location and realistically we've no reason to move. Also thinking ahead though, when the time does come to sell, there's no way we'd make a profit on the house as it currently is. So I've decided to make a definitive list of everything I'd like to do to the house while I've time to enjoy it, big and small (I don't want to spend lots of money renovating to then sell the house soon after) and that will add value to our home. 

1. Add finishing details to the downstairs toilet - this may sound daft but I want some nicer details in the downstairs toilet. It currently sports a fuchsia pink blind and light shade which are just about the most horrid things I've ever seen and were left behind by the previous owners. There's no need for a blind so I'd like to take it down completely and replace the light shade with something much nicer.  Aside from that I'd like a print hanging on the wall and a plant for on the window sill. 

2. Make the kitchen more presentable - I hate our kitchen with a passion, I'm so embarrassed by it, it's that awful. Our kitchen is very small and still has the same fittings and when the house was built around 14 years ago! Part of me wants to rip out the entire thing and start again, but financially I'm not sure if that's the best option in terms of how much money we'd spend to how much value it would add the the property. When we moved in the boiler was in the kitchen and we quickly had it replaced and moved to a different location, this however has left a big patch of bare plaster on the wall, broken tiles and holes in the ceiling which just add to the already disgusting look of the room. I think this may be one of the first big things we tackle when we've decided what we're actually doing with it and got some prices for things.

3. Replace our sofa cushions - this is such a small and cheap job that I can't even believe I'm having to add this to the list, but some of our cushions are in a terrible state and desperately need replacing. We have red cushions, so I think when autumn rolls around and all the warmer toned home pieces get released I'll be grabbing some new cushions.

4. Paint the water mark on the living room ceiling - this is one I've brought over from the old list and again this is just out of sheer laziness that we haven't done this but all the ceilings were freshly painted by us when we got the keys then when we had our boiler replaced the water tank upstairs leaked a little when it was ripped out and created a mark on the ceiling that we've never bothered to cover up.

5. Makeover the exterior door - another one that's been brought over from the old list and a project that would probably only take a day in nice weather. I really want to paint our door a nice duck egg blue and replace all the gold hardware with silver hardware.

6. Replace the carpet - we only have carpet on the stairs, landing and in the spare bedroom. It's a cheap beige thing that was put in when the house was built and has definitely seen better days. I'd like to replace it with a lovely silvery grey one.

7. Paint the skirting boards upstairs - the landing, bathroom and spare bedroom skirting boards were never painted when we were doing all the other ones because they just weren't a priority. If we're going to replace the carpet then we might as well paint the skirting boards first.

8. Put down floor dividers - our kitchen and bedroom and missing the metal floor dividers which comes from us putting down wooden flooring and wanting to replace the old gold dividers with silver ones.. The really bad thing is we actually have all the dividers we've just never put them down.

9. Smarten up the bathroom - realistically I don't think it'd pay off for us to pump money into a brand new bathroom, especially if we're replacing the kitchen but there are things we could do for relatively cheap to make it look so much better than it does. The bath panel needs replacing, the flooring needs replacing, it needs a coat of paint (which we already have in our garage), the bath needs resealing, the bathroom shelf needs replacing and if possible in our budget I'd like a whole new shower and a heated towel rail to replace the radiator.

10. Repaint all the interior doors - we've finally replaced all the door handles in the house but we haven't painted over the marks where the old handles were. To be fair now all the doors could do with freshening up anywhere just from general use and the cats brushing up against them etc.

12. Brighten up our bedroom - our bedroom is very grey as in grey walls, grey bedding and dark furniture. I'd love brighten it up with some colourful bedding, I'd also like to do something with our windowsill. We've had ideas before but they've never worked out so I'm thinking just a simple lantern in the corner or something along those lines.

13. Add decoration the the porch - our porch is very small but I'd like to get some slim shelves for in there to add some decoration to it and make it a little more welcoming as you come through the door.

And I think that's about it. There's a lot and the thought of spending all that money is already making me weep but on the other hand I'm super excited to make a start on stuff and to be able to create before and after posts like we did for our living room and for our bedroom as well as other home interiors content. We've put a lot of stuff off as we've been saving for our August 2018 Florida holiday for the past 15 months but now we're back we'll definitely be making a swift start on this list and I can't wait!

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