Autumn '18

Because it wasn't obvious we were going to write an autumn post was it, it's not like we've written one every year for the past three years or anything...

Yeah OK, it's safe to say we love autumn so we weren't about to break with what has now become a tradition and not do another autumn mood board! Plus these posts make me insanely happy. And seen as the first day of autumn just so happens to be today, then there's no better time! Like last year, I thought I'd also combine it with a few things I'm looking forwards to (apart from the obvious big jumpers, hot chocolate, dark evenings).

Halloween - I'm always excited for Halloween, but for some reason that excitement has gone into overdrive this year. Maybe it's because we went to Florida in August and Disney already had all of it's Halloween decorations up and we attend Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party too so we've been feeling spooky for a long time! But I can't wait to carve pumpkins, burn all the pumpkin scented candles and watch scary films.

New content - I'm feeling really excited to get creating fresh content throughout autumn both on here and our YouTube channel. We're going to have a good mind mapping session to come up with some autumn themed ideas. I'm also really excited that this is the first autumn in our vlogging journey so I can't wait to just capture all the simple things like those crisp, fresh walks, pumpkin carving and bonfire night.

Autumn food - isn't autumn food the best? So warming and comforting. As well as our trusty favourites such as chilli and parkin I'm hoping to come up with some fresh recipes this year, especially slow cooker ones that I can share on here.

Bonfire night - unlike last year, we don't really have any plans for bonfire night this year but I'd quite like to keep things simple this time and just spend the evening with Josh. To be honest, we'll probably do something at the weekend instead because the actual night falls on a Monday this year. I'm thinking a few fireworks, sparklers, toasting marshmallows then big mugs of hot chocolate and some party snacks to warm up after. 

Cosying up our home - you guys know there's a lot we want to do in our home and we're hoping to make a start very soon. There's nothing more comforting to me than having a cosy home so I can't wait get transforming parts of our home that haven't received much love yet.

Anniversary celebrations - I've placed Josh in charge of our anniversary this year, previous celebrations have been decided either jointly or by me. So on our 11th year together I've passed the task on to Josh, I'm excited to see what he comes up with.

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