Twenty Seven

I've being writing these post since my 20th birthday now, which now I'm firmly in my late twenties, fills me with a little bit of fear! Anyway, last Saturday I celebrated my 27th birthday so I'm not going to start breaking with tradition now. So as always here's a little round up of the day and a little look at what I got for my birthday. 

If you're a long time reader then you'll know that birthday's around here a usually a quiet and relaxed affair. Neither of us likes to make a big fuss (Josh even less so, he'd just let his birthday pass by but I don't allow it!) so we just spent my birthday indulging in the things we love! I spent the day road testing some of my presents (hello Sims 4 expansion packs) and eating cake then at night we headed out to Frankie and Benny's for food and cocktails. When we got home, we got into our pj's and popped open a bottle of our favourite drink, Asti then watched Breaking Bad. Absolute perfection!

We'd also had a couple of early birthday celebrations so it was nice to just slow things down on my actual birthday, I had a huge birthday surprise on Thursday when we headed to Liverpool to see Paul McCartney Live at The Cavern then on Friday we went out for lunch with my mum.

Now onto the bit that all us nosey folk like the past, the presents! As always I am extremely grateful for any gifts I receive but I personally love 'what I got' style blogs and vlogs which is why I always do one myself. 
We'll start with the cash situation. My mum got me some dollars to treat myself in Florida when we go next month, I have my eye on so many things so this will be very well spent. I also asked my Dad for money as I really wanted some prescription sunglasses to take away with me, as a full time specs wearer I know they'll get lots of use. The rest of the money came from other family members and has been put towards the new phone I treated myself to on my birthday! 

My mum also got me the chocolates, Frankenstein, a Harry Potter notebook, a Tinkerbell glass ornament, a Mickey and Minnie shopping bag and a framed photo of Josh and I. The Mojito cande was from Josh's mum and the Lush cleanser was from my Dad (it's my absolute favourite skincare product and I was running low!). 

Josh, as I've already mentioned surprised me with the McCartney gig but he also got me an Epcot pin, Hades Funko Pop, Stitch Disney Tradition, a bottle of Baileys Strawberries and Cream, Plants vs Zombies game and he paid for a few expansion packs on Sims 4 which obviously aren't included n the photo but they're great!

So that was my 27th birthday. See at the same time next year for another one of these posts!

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