Our Florida 2018 Bucket List

Disney World Bucket List
When we booked our Florida holiday 15 months ago, I knew I'd want to create a sort of bucket list specifically for this trip. Whilst there's a whole host of things I'd love to do at Walt Disney World, I had to be realistic about what I could fit in to two weeks so I started to think about things we'd be able to achieve on this trip as I know this won't be the last trip to the most magical place on earth by far so really I've got years to get stuff done! With that being said, I did manage to compile a bucket list for this trip, while most of it is Disney based there's a coupe of non-Disney things thrown in there too. I'm hoping to complete the whole list, there a few things on there that I know will get done because they've been booked or planned in advance but the rest are just things I'm hoping to do, there's one point in particular though that will really force me to face a fear so I'm unsure whether that will get ticked off.

To see what's on our bucket list for our Florida 2018 video, watch our video!

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