How to save money at Walt Disney World

Saving money at Disney World
The actual cost of booking a holiday to Florida is very expensive, even more so if you're tied to going at peak times like us or your going over a holiday such as Christmas. So what can you do to save a bit of money whilst you're out there? Well quite a lot actually.

Free water: This is hands down one of the best tips ever for so many reasons. Any quick service kiosk in Disney (and Universal though they usually give you a smaller cup) will give you a free cup of ice water. Now this is amazing because buying bottled water in the parks is very expensive, Florida gets very hot so you need to drink a lot and carrying lots of bottles of water around gets heavy. So not only are you saving money, you're keeping hydrated and you've less to carry in your park bag! I will say I'm not a huge fan of how the water tastes in Florida but usually the ice masks it a little and this year I'll be taking one of those little Robinson's Squash'd shots to squeeze into my water.

Using Uber: Not only is Uber super convenient but it's so much cheaper than a standard taxi. When we last went to Florida, Uber's weren't allowed to drop you at the actual Disney parks but things have changed now and they can pick you up and drop you off just like a regular taxi would apart from they're like half the price of a regular taxi. Obviously if you're heading to Magic Kingdom then Uber's can only drop you at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

Disney transport: The busses, boats and monorails are free to all Disney guests whether you're staying on property or not! I'm mentioning this one because I know a few people don't realise that you can use the busses even if you aren't staying at a Disney resort. As quick and convenient as Uber's are sometimes it's more relaxing and picturesque to use Disney transport, for example the boats that go from the Swan and Dolphin, The Boardwalk and Yacht and Beach to Hollywood Studios and Epcot are lovely.

Take snacks: Eating at Disney is expensive, even quick service meals aren't cheap. While it's nice to have a treat, eating in the parks everyday gets expensive so we head to the supermarket and stock up on snacks that we can throw into our rucksack and dip into throughout the day. It's much cheaper than ordering fries etc in the parks (and you don't have to queue either!)

Don't eat in the restaurants: Now this one is totally dependent on what kind of holiday you're after. If you're massive foodies then the restaurants are going to appeal to you but if you're not fussed then don't go to the Disney restaurants, they're very expensive and there's cheaper places to be found outside the parks.

Share meals: Portion sizes in America tend to be on the larger side so it's quite easy to share a meal if you're not looking for something too feeling. Even the basic chicken tenders and chips and quick service locations are easily shareable.

They are my easy ways to save a few pennies at Walt Disney World. Let me know if you have any other tips!

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