Happy List: July 2018

This was supposed to be the month where there was no precursor to the Happy List, no 'well this month had some really good points but it also had some very low moments' type of thing. But it would seem that wasn't meant to be. After ending last month on a high note after a really terrible few weeks, or months for that matter, I was ready to come back on here with some exciting news, some positivity and the monthly round-up back to what it should be, a happy place. But life had other ideas, and all the happy news fell through right at the last minute and yet another curveball was thrown our way. I almost didn't write this post, I couldn't bring myself to reflect on what had been an amazing month right up until the last minute but I refuse to let all this bad luck get in the way and ruin happy moments. So I'm here writing yet another introduction that isn't in keeping with what this monthly space should be but life doesn't always go to plan and I guess this year I really have to accept that.

I've chose to write this post because July was actually a pretty good month, right up until the last few days. Granted most of that happiness came from the good news I was hoping to share this month which is what fell through at the last moment, but nonetheless there were other great moments. That's why I'm writing this because I don't want to lose sight of the good things.

1. I am absolutely speeding through my Goodreads book challenge. I started the year wanting to read 15 books, then I upped it to 20 and now I've had to move it again to 25. In July alone I read 6 books. Given the beautiful weather we had, it was easy to sit outside for long periods on time completely immersed in a book. Admittedly my reading slowed down at the end of the month but I'm hoping to get back on track now.

2. We hit a lot of Florida holiday milestones in July, the month mark, the FastPass mark. All of which was extremely exciting. It meant we could more easily count days rather than weeks to our holiday! A holiday which is very much needed I may add.

3. We went to a local comic con. We've been to a few of these now and they're always enjoyable, however I also spot so many Funko Pop's there that I want to buy. We vlogged this visit to the comic con if you'd like to take a look.

4. I now have 6 weeks off work which is very much needed and it's also going to provide me with some time to work on the blog and our YouTube channel.

5. I celebrated my 27th birthday in July. It was quite a chilled and relaxed day but I have wrote a full post with an overview and a look at my presents.

6. I saved the absolute best thing until last! A couple of days before my birthday Josh surprised me with a day trip to Liverpool to see Paul McCartney perform live at a intimate and secret gig at The Cavern. I'm still blown away that I got to experience something so amazing. I of course put all the details into a blog post so it'd be really great if you could check that out!

I'm determined that August will be a great month, because even if nothing else goes to plan then we're going to Florida this month so at least there's that little bit of magic to brighten us up!

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