Book Review: Beware The Past

Beware The Past by Joy Ellis review
When Matt Ballard was starting out his career, three boys were murdered in the same area, the remote and bleak Gibbet Fen. When the main suspect was killed in a hit-and-run, the killings stopped. But Matt was not satisfied that the real murderer had been caught.

Over 25 years later, Matt gets a photo in an unmarked envelope. It's of the Gibbet Fen crime scene. And the picture was taken before the murder took place. More photo's arrive relating to the historic murders, as well as intimate pictures of Matt's very secret private life. 

Then another murder happens, with some of the hallmarks of the old case. Has the killer returned or is this just a sick copycat determined to ruin Matt's life and reputation? Everyone around Matt is in danger as the killer plays mins games with the detective. 

For me, Beware The Past took a little bit of getting in to but I'm really glad I stuck with it. The story focuses around Detective Matt Ballard and his team as they try to solve a case that's haunted Matt for almost 30 years. The killer Matt was chasing all those years ago seems to have returned and this time he knows everything about Matt and is prepared to watch him crash and burn. As the people around him begin to be hurt by the killer Matt must do some digging into his own past to stop the games.

This novel comes with a massive twist that I thoroughly enjoyed, as with any good crime novel the reader can take several shots at what's going on but I never saw this twist coming. It's brilliant. Suspense is built nicely throughout the novel and the ending does not disappoint.

I'll be honest, I knocked a star off because Matt Ballard was definitely created with a female reader in mind, the handsome detective who struggles with love and has a trouble mind. It's a tad on the stereotypical side but luckily there's a good story running alongside all of that so I can let it go a little.

I'd definitely give Joy Ellis' other novels a go if they're all as good as this one.

 Rating: ★★

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