On turning 27 and reflecting

It's very much a tradition over here now to take some time around my birthday to reflect on the year just gone and contemplate the fresh year ahead. So that's what we're doing today, two days before I turn 27, I'm going to look back at my 26th year on this planet and discuss where I'd like 27 to take me. 

Age doesn't particularly bother me at this stage in my life but now I'm rocketing towards being firmly in my late 20's things are getting a little real. I still remember my 18th and my 21st birthday's like they were only a couple of years ago, not 9 and 6 years ago! I think it's because I feel a little like I didn't really do anything over this past year, I have this need and urge to do more with my life. While 26 was nice, I want more than to just plod along in life. I even toyed with the idea of not writing one of these posts this year because I felt like there was nothing worth writing down and that makes me feel a little disappointed in myself. I know I shouldn't feel like that and life sometimes needs to go at a slower pace so I'm telling myself that 26 was my rest year before I come back ready to embark on new experiences and adventures. 

So how was my 26th year? Well I'll be honest, I spent most of it counting down to our Florida holiday that we booked back when I was 25 and we aren't actually going until I'm 27 so I've been waiting a long time for it! As I said the whole year has just sort of plodded along. I changed jobs back in April, something which I'd been ready to do for around a year now, while for the most part the change has been positive, its also being really hard and I've realised that at some point in the future I'd like to change what I do. I'm in no major rush to change my career but over the next year, it's something I'd like to work on. Aside from that nothing big has happened. I don't want this to seem like a downhearted post, because it's not. It's just been a slow year that's all and I'm honestly struggling to write things down. I've talked openly on my blog about how a portion of this year, up until very recently hasn't been great (if you're not in the loop then check out this post and this post). But things have definitely turned around for the better now, so with this change in fortune and our upcoming Florida holiday, I feel these are all good omens for a fantastic 27th year.

My only real hope for 27 is that I can come back here next year with tales of adventures and wonderful memories and a bit of DIY knowledge as we finally tackle more home projects!

26, for the most part you were good, but we can do better than just good!

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