Happy List: June 2018

After months of life throwing as many lemons as it could at us, I was ready for June to be a good month. I wrote about some of our hard times in this post back in May so I was more than ready to have my happy place back with this monthly series. But as you know I like to be honest and whist June had some great moments, it's definitely been the toughest month so far. I put off writing this post as I'd originally got it planned for the end of last week but we were waiting on some positive news and I really didn't want to jinx it by writing my post early! I know it sounds stupid but I was willing to try anything to get our fortunes to turn around. I'm pleased to say things are now finally on the up though and I'm ready for the latter half of the year to be a vast improvement of the first half!

So lets go back to focusing on the positive and take a look back at June!

1. At the start of the month we headed to a classic car show, it was an absolutely beautiful day weather wise which made the whole day out even more enjoyable. I fell in love with a mint green camper van and the abundance and pretty purple flowers that were in the park where the event was held. I wrote small 'days out' blog post about the show and we vlogged the whole day. It's actually one of my favourite vlogs to date as it was such a happy day, so it'd be great if you could give it a watch!
2. Pippa tends to feature most months over here and that's because our niece never fails to make me smile. It's always so lovely to see her and it's such a pleasure getting to watch her grow up.
3. My own little babies of the furry variety turned 2 at the end of the month. I feel like I always have to point out that our cats are in fact brothers because they look so different, so they do share the same birthday. I went all crazy cat mum and started reminiscing about when we first brought them home and it made a little part of me wish they were still kittens!
4. My strawberry plant got its first ever fruit this month and they're honestly the best, sweetest, juiciest strawberries I've ever tasted. As my plant is still only quite small it only got two biggish strawberries and a few tiny ones but next year it should be even better.
5. As I've already mentioned, things started looking up so much at the end of the month and we actually had a reason to celebrate! I'm going to be one of those guys and say I can't reveal the good news just yet but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to reveal it in July's Happy List!
6. We added quite a few Funko Pop's to our collection this month. My three Moana ones that I pre-ordered back in February arrived and then Josh went on a Pop hunt, we have a vlog of the results of Josh's Funko Pop fun day so give it a watch to see what we picked up.

So in all there were some really great moments in June which thankfully helped to combat some of the worst moments we've ever had. I honestly think July will be such a great month, we're both feeling so much more positive and completely ready to embrace the new adventures that await us.

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