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Things I won't apologise for
All too often we apologise for things that make us, us. Things we like, goals, hobbies, life choices, the list could go on for things we say "sorry" for. But why do we do it? We feel the need to apologise, to explain, to justify our decisions and interests. "Oh I know it seems silly/childish but I really like collecting X" or "I don't think I want X because..." Well as I approach my late twenties I've realised it's time I stopped doing this. I will talk about my choices, my hobbies, my goals until I'm blue in the face, but I'll no longer feel ashamed, apologise or justify my decision. There's no need to, they're all part of what makes me, me. So here is a list of things I'll no longer be saying sorry for or feeling embarrassed about.

- My Disney collection is huge and isn't going to slow down anytime soon. To date I own 78 Funko Pops, 137 Tsum Tsums and 72 Disney pins. I love seeing our spare room decked out with all the things that make us happy. I can't wait to add to these collections when we go to Disney World in August.

- Most of the time I will choose to spend my money on going on holiday rather than doing things in the house. My house is in no way falling to bits, of course I'd love a new kitchen eventually but when that's up against adventure, new experiences and travel then the holiday will always win over the house.

- Speaking of holidays, there will always be one holiday that I pick over and over again and that's Walt Disney World. So yes, when you ask, I am going to Disney again because it makes my heart and soul happy!

- I don't want children. Simple as that really. I'm not the maternal type and I'd rather spend my hard earned cash on myself if we're going to be blunt about it. I've written a whole post on the subject of not wanting kids.

- I count my cats as family, because unlike kids, I'd have an army of them if I could! So yes my two fur babies are like family to me, they're my little boys and I don't care if that makes me a crazy cat lady. I like to treat them and buy them things because lets be fair, I'm not going to be spending my money on human children!

Have a think about all the things you apologise for, things that bring you happiness, that make up you, your choices and decisions and own them. You owe no one explanation for being you.

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