Summer 2018 Bucket List

I always have a list of things I'd like to do in summer, Josh and I work in schools so we're lucky enough to get 6 weeks off work right in the middle of summer. Usually though, I have all these nice ideas and none of them ever happen. So this year I'm writing a summer bucket list, a list of all the simple things I want to do this summer. By writing it down I'm hoping I'll remember to do them all!

BBQ - thanks to my mum we now have a decent BBQ, so this summer I'd actually like to have one. I love having a BBQ at the end of a long, lazy, hot day.

Make Sangria - it's been 8 years since my last Spanish holiday and therefore the last time I drank Sangria. I want to have a go at making my own this year, we have a big drinks dispenser so I want to fill that up with fruit and ice and spend a hot afternoon sipping that great Spanish drink.

Have a picnic - when we were at university, Josh and I would often head somewhere with a picnic, we haven't done that since so I'd like to pack up a bag with yummy food and head somewhere pretty.

Local walks - we've scouted out a couple of places in the local area we'd like to visit but typically we've spent the last year or so talking about these places and never actually made it to any of them. When we have so much spare time on our hands it'd be the perfect opportunity to head out and explore.

Plant flowers - this ones a little bit of a cheat as I've actually planted most of my flowers as it's best to do it at the end of the May but I've got some fox gloves coming my way from my Gran's garden. She recently passed away and I thought it'd be really nice to plant some flowers from her garden into mine. She used to have a beautiful garden when I was a kid so I thought it'd be a nice a little tribute. 

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