Days Out: Classic Car Show

Last Sunday Josh and I headed to Locke Park, a large park in our town to check out the classic car event that was being held there. Thanks to the glorious weather, it made for a lovely day out. We were hoping to stick around and catch at least part of the dog show that was being held there too but unfortunately it didn't start until later in the afternoon and we had somewhere else to be. There is a similar event happening in August though so we're hoping to head back then for the dog show. 

Although neither of us drive, it doesn't stop us from appreciating beautiful cars and there were certainly some lovely ones at the event, as well as some quite unusual ones too. It also made a nice change to actually go out and do something on a Sunday as often it's far too easy to just stay in the house sometimes and not really do anything.
There was a very large selection of cars and motorbikes to look around with some really interesting ones in among the classics you'd expect to see. It it was great seeing what people had done with the cars. My favourite ones were the VW camper vans because from some reason I've always wanted one. So basically that mint green beauty at the top of this post if my absolute dream! The American vehicles were also some of the more interesting ones, with this pink beauty probably being my favourite car of the entire day.
I'll be honest, our little town often gets a bad rap, and I'll be the first to say that I'm not a huge fan of where I've lived almost my entire life but sometimes a bit of beauty shines through and this event really did make for a lovely day out, the atmosphere was great, the park itself is quite a beautiful place and of course the sunshine definitely helped

We vlogged our day out at the car show and it's honestly one of my favourite vlogs we've filmed so far so it'd be great if you could give it a watch. If you like this vlog then don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

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