The Weekend: Bank Holiday Edition

Sometimes it's nice to remember the small things.

Sipping morning coffee in the shade
 Breakfast outside
Pulling the garden furniture out of the garage
 Cutting the grass which transforms the messy jungle into a beautiful paradise
 Stringing up the fairy lights along the fence for another summer
 Windmill firmly planted in the soil, watching the colours spin in the warm breeze
Discussing holidays
The smell of sun cream which reminds you of days spent in other countries
Eagerly anticipating the arrival of the ice cream van
Lounging in the sun, completely lost in a book
Dipping into the shade to cool down
Thinking about how you really want to buy a paddling pool
Cool showers to wash away the day
Back outside to watch to sun dip down and the golden glow fade from the garden
Watering plants
Awaiting the moment it becomes dark enough for the fairy lights to come on for the first time this year
Feeling grateful for these small moments that you dreamed of for so long, for all the hot summers you spent wishing to have a garden of your own
Never wanting the happiness of finally having all this to end

That was our bank holiday weekend.

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