Happy List: May 2018

May had some great moment and ultimately my monthly Happy Lists are a place for positivity so it's good that there's lots to talk about this month, but I like to be honest with what I talk about and May was by no means perfect, in fact it was a very tough month. In order to keep this lists positive I've wrote an honest life update if you'd like to read it so normal service can continue here.

1. I'm going to be the most typical British person ever and mention the weather. It's been glorious. There's nothing like waking up to blue skies to make your day start in the most positive way. I've thoroughly taken adventure of the beautiful weather this month and I've got myself a nice little tan going on.
2. We're keeping on top of making sure the garden looks good. I've mentioned it before but we've got a pretty huge garden and there's so much I'd like to do to it but anything garden related is just so expensive. Last summer we gave our garden a pretty big makeover and it looks so much better so now it's just a case of keeping on top of cutting the grass and getting rid of the weeds. I've also bought some bedding plants so I can't wait for those to be fully in bloom.
3. We hit double digits for Florida at the start of the month and we also received our park tickets so the countdown is well and truly on. Having booked this holiday a year ago, we've been waiting a very long time to hit the double digit milestone. We filmed a whole ticket opening video for this too.
4. On the second bank holiday weekend of the month we got together with my mum and her friend and headed out for drinks. It was exactly what I needed after being so ill for almost a month. We originally had plans to go out on the first bank holiday but had to cancel so it was nice to finally get together and have a great day out filled with lots of laughs, it lifted my spirits so much. We vlogged the day if you'd like to watch
5. Super boring adult alert but we reorganised our kitchen cupboards this month and it's given us so much more room. We have a very small kitchen and a simple jiggle around of things has made so much difference.
6. We had a really nice date day at the end of the month. We left the camera at home so didn't vlog any of it and it was so nice. We went shopping for holiday clothes, saw Solo at the cinema (which was a really good film) then went to Frankie and Benny's for food.

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