Happy List: April 2018

April finally gave us some much needed sun, even if it did only stick around for a couple of days, it was very much appreciated! Now if we could have a bit more, that'd be great. April was also the month I quit my job of over 3 years and started a new one which was super scary and very sad, but ultimately the right decision. 

So what made it onto the Happy List for April?

1. We filmed and uploaded our Florida trip announcement, which was super fun and exciting. We can't wait to create even more Disney content for our channel.
2. I treated myself to some wax melts for Emily Makes Boutique and I don't think I'll ever buy melts from anywhere else now, they're amazing and fill the whole room with beautiful scents that last forever. Plus like has sparkly and pretty they are.
3. We went to a local farm and met the sassiest Alpaca ever. I wrote a good old fashioned 'days out' post about our little adventure and we vlogged the whole thing. If you want to see lots of adorable baby animals I can highly recommend watching our vlog!
4. As I've mentioned I left my old job in April, I'll be honest I cried bucket loads because I'd been there over 3 years and made some really good friends and was genuinely gutted to leave (even though it was my choice to!) but I do think it was the right decision. I feel so much better in my new job. I don't have to commute as my new workplace is opposite my house which has cut 2-3 hours of travel out of my day, I'm less stressed, I haven't had a single headache since I started my new job (I was getting them daily) and I just feel better in general. 
5. My leaving presents were spot on though, Disney, gin, cake and dollars. My old workmates know me so well.
6. Pippa visited this month, Josh sees her quite regularly but I haven't seen her in so long so it was lovely to see her. As you can see she's now sporting the latest fashion of a nappy crown! What a kid!

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