Thoughts on: Changing jobs

Honest thoughts on changing jobs
November 2014 was when I officially started my last job. I'd already been working there 2 months on a supply basis but become officially employed by the school in November. It'd been a funny 10 months that saw me starting a new job in January on a 7 month contract, to not having that contract renewed, volunteering at a day nursery, taking on supply work and finally landing my last job. I was desperate not to become unemployed again like I was in 2013, so I was over the moon to gain a permanent contract. I'll be honest that fear was partly what kept me in that job for the next 3 and a half years, it was safe and secure and allowed to be able to look into buying my first home, take out a mortgage and book nice holidays. Of course I loved my job at the start too, god I loved it so much, it was so interesting, I had ample opportunities to gain skills in things I've never thought about and gained a wealth of knowledge that allowed to me to become, if I do say so myself, bloody good at what I did. 

But for the past year or so, I've struggled, lets just say I was more than ready to move on. Which is why, when this blog post goes live, I'll have just started a new job. I am so ready for this new chapter and to learn new things. What I wasn't prepared for though was the abundance of different feelings that came with gaining a new job, which is kind of why I'm writing this post, for any other over thinkers out there just like me. 

The circumstances in which I got my new job were a little odd which is why it came as a complete shock to me. I'd already interviewed for a different job which I didn't get but they'd asked if they could keep my details. Less than a month later, I received a phone call offering me a different role. It was completely out of the blue so I was quite taken back. When the shock and initial excitement died down a massive wave of panic hit me full on. Had a made the right decision by accepting the job? Why was I questioning if I'd made the right decision? Was I going to be any good at this new job? What if I didn't like? Was I letting the students down that I worked with? Was I picking a really bad time to leave? Would things work out well financially? It just went on and on. I even lost sleep over it on more than one occasion. 

Eventually those feelings subsided but even right up to today, when I start my new job, I've been having moments of doubt. I guess only time will tell how things go. What I have learnt though is I'd got too comfortable. I let fear hold me back and keep me in a job I no longer loved and I'm determined to never let that happen again. I'm excited for my new challenge, I'm excited to learn new things, I'm over the moon to not waste 2 and half hours of my day travelling and most of all I'm looking forwards to not feeling as stressed out anymore. 

Don't ever get too comfortable and let fear hold you back. When it's time to move on from anything you just need to take the plunge and go for it. 

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