Happy List: March 2018

Well March was a funny old month weather wise wasn't it?! Beast from the East 1 and 2 then a hint of spring followed by more cold weather. I'm more than ready for spring to come now though, the snow was fun and it meant we got time off work but I'm craving some warmth and sun now. We ended the month with some time off together which despite the snow days also giving us time off, is much welcomed.
So aside from the snow, here's what else happened in March.

1. Josh turned 29 and we quietly celebrated with a homemade cake and a huge Indian takeaway. It made for the perfect Friday evening.
2. We booked tickets for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party for when we're at Disney World in August. We had everything crossed that they'd start MNSSHP early again this year so we'd be able to attend, and all our dreams came true. Given that we're tied to school holidays, we never thought we'd get to this event so the fact we're now doing it this year is amazing!
3. We've also found out that we'll still be in Florida for the start of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival which again is another event we never thought we'd attend. I could cry at how perfect this holiday has already turned out to be!
4. I got a new job! Remember my interview from last month? Well the same place phoned me back out of the blue a few weeks later and offered me a different job and I said yes. I'll be starting my new job towards the end of April. 
5. We've really got into vlogging and we're loving it. With having some time off work we've been able to create and upload more content alongside our weekly vlogs and it's so much fun. It would be lovely if you could join us on our Youtube journey and subscribe to our channel
6. We've been discussing our travel plans for the next few years. We like to plan ahead, and yes, it involves a lot of Disney. I'm so excited!

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