Days Out: Wigfield Farm

Wigfield Farm Barnsley
Last week, we took a trip to a local farm. It's been a look time since there was a good old 'days out' blog post on here so we're going school today and sharing some photo's from our afternoon out at Wigfield Farm we're we saw lots of baby animals!

Wigfield Farm is a working farm in Barnsley which is also the base for horticulture and animal courses provided by the local college. Over the years, the farm has expanded massively and it looks as though even more enclosures are being built so we're excited to see what animals the farm gets next. Currently you can find cows, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, chickens, alpacas, meerkats, ponies, pigs, racoon dogs, guinea pigs and rabbits at the farm. There's also a small rodent house, an aquarium and a reptile house. It costs £3 for adults and £1.50 for concessions. Considering how much time we spent there and how much there is to see at the farm, we think it's priced exceptionally well!

Reptiles Wigfield Farm Barnsley
The reptile house is one of the newer experiences at the farm, inside there's snakes, lizards, tarantulas and insects. When we visited, staff members were providing up close experiences with some of the reptiles which was really good. As well as getting to handle the animals, the staff also provided lots of information which was really interesting.

Meerkats Wigfield Farm Barnsley
The farm has been home to meerkats for quite a while now but they've recently built an amazing new enclosure for them with a huge outdoor area and an inside shelter too and the meerkats seemed to be loving their new home.

Wigfield Farm Barnsley
We visited at the best time of year, when all the babies are being born so we were fortunate enough to see two litter's of piglets, some calves and so many cute lambs. Nearly all the animals on the farm can be petted and most of them can be fed too so you really get an upclose experience with all of the animals. There's plenty of signs telling you which animals shouldn't be touched or fed as well.

We couldn't do a post about our day at Wigfield farm without including this alpaca! We laughed so much at his funny little face and his hair blowing in the wind.

My favourite part of the farm was definitely with the sheep though as there were so many lambs, I could have spent all day with them. We went back three times to look at them and feed them! Number 29 above was definitely my favourite, though they were all extremely cute.

To get a proper look at the farm, check out our vlog that we filmed whilst there. It shows off the different animals and the farm itself much better.

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