How we save for a Florida holiday

Easy ways to save money for a Disney World Holiday
Walt Disney World fans know that a holiday to the most magical place on earth comes at a not so magical price and it's a cost that is only set to keep on rising. Factor in that we're tied to going in peak season in terms of UK school holiday's because of our jobs and you've got yourself a jaw-droppingly expensive holiday on your hands. So how do we save for that special vacation?

We're natural savers, we know what we want to do with our money and once we've set our mind to it, we don't find it that hard to get saving. We love Disney and we love Florida and for us, that's what we choose to spend our hard earned cash on. We're unfortunately stuck with going at one of the most expensive times of the year which really adds quite a lot of money onto the final total, but to us it's completely worth it. So here are some useful tips that might help you save for that dream holiday too!

1. Book well in advance. We booked this years holiday a whole 15 months in advance. This allows you plenty of time to pay for the holiday and theme park tickets in manageable installments with enough time left over to save up spending money too.
2. Shop around. For most holiday's we'd be inclined to advise that booking everything yourself works out cheaper but we actually saved money on this holiday by booking a package for flights and hotel so it's definitely worth doing some research into the options that will leave you more cash for spending money!
3. Follow our everyday money saving tips. Seriously these are so easy to do and every single one of them allows us to save for these big holidays
4. Buy a Disney fund jar. The act of physically filling up a money jar for a specific purpose provides you with so much satisfaction that you're inclined to carry on. Our Disney fund jar is a clear one so we can actually see it filling up as well which is another great incentive to keep adding the cash.
5. Set clear goals. Decide how much you'd like to pay off in each instalment and when you'd like to do it. Having a goal motivates you to save every spare penny.

If you have any tips on how you save for a big holiday then please share them below. Don't forget to check out our everyday money saving tips as this is the main way we manage to save up so much money.

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