Happy List: February 2018

February seemed like a slow month, but one in which we enjoyed a week off together so it wasn't all bad. The month plodded along without anything particularly remarkable happening but I managed to pick a few simple pleasures out for this months Happy List.

1. We completed our Disney jigsaw puzzle. We've been working away at this on weekends and it's been really enjoyable to do it together. We're on the look out for more puzzles now!
2. We had a week off together which was much needed. We didn't get up to much but sometimes it's nice to do nothing.
3. Loads of new Funko Pops were announced at the New York Toy Fair so I went ahead and pre-ordered the 6 in the above picture. They won't be here until the summer but I can't wait to add them to our collection.
3. We've spent a full month weekly vlogging now. I did a whole post introducing our YouTube channel on Tuesday so check it out if you haven't already. I'm really enjoying weekly vlogging and we've started to do some sit down videos too which I love! We have lots of ideas for future videos so it would be great if you'd like to subscribe and join us in this new adventure.
4. Speaking of filming. We filmed a shelf tour video last week showing off some of our collections. We plan to do more in-depth collection videos at some point too.
5. I attended an interview. Unfortunately I didn't get the job so you might think it's strange to include this on a Happy List but I've really seen it as a positive thing. Yes I would have loved to have got the job but it was the first interview I'd been to in over 3 years and the feedback I received was excellent, better than I could have ever hoped for, I basically only missed out because I had less experience. So I'm proud that I had such a great interview and at the end of the day it's not like I don't still have a job so I haven't lost out on anything, I've just gained some experience and a huge confidence boost.
6. I managed to pick up quite a few holiday clothes this month ready for Florida. I bought the Mickey Mouse hoodie above for on the plane as it'll be super comfy and cosy for the 9 hour flight. If you'd like to see what else I bought, check out my Primark Holiday Clothing Haul post.

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