Primark Holiday Clothing Haul Part 1

Last week I headed to Primark to have a browse at the summer items that have started to come into store. I did not expect to be able to pick so much holiday stuff up already for our Florida break but I came away with quite a hefty haul. If you've got a summer holiday planned it's definitely worth checking out stores already because by the time June/July rolls around all the autumn items will be coming back. I thought it'd be good to share the things I picked up so you can get a feel for what's currently in Primark.

Shorts £4 each
We're going to Florida in August, the hottest, most humid month so thin airy shorts are a must and you seriously can't go wrong with these ones. Super soft, super thin and I'm not bothered about them getting wrecked with sun cream and water rides because they're so cheap. I sized up so they'd be a bit baggy on my legs but as they're elasticated waists with drawstrings it's easy to pull them in on my waist.

Printed bikini - £6 for top, £5 for bottoms
Black bikini - £6 for top £2.50 for bottoms
 I hate bikini shopping. To buy a proper bra sized bikini in my size would cost a fortune and it's money I'm not willing so spend when the bikini's are getting worn for zipping down water slides. However I also find Primark bikini's a difficult one because I have quite a small back size and a medium cup size so bikini's with a clip back are out the window as I'd never get the girls in a size 8 bikini even though that would be a better fit on my back! Anyway I managed to find these two bikinis, both with tie backs! The printed one is hands down my favourite, the bottoms are high waisted which I wasn't sure about before trying it on but my god, they're life changing plus they provide a little more coverage for that very undignified exit for water slides and tubes! The plain black top is underwired so provides a bit more support there.

Trainers £10
When we went to Florida in 2015 I wore little plimsoll style trainers for working around the parks. My feet were killing. As comfy as they were in terms of they didn't rub etc, there was just no support or cushioning for my feet. I vowed that when we went back to Florida I'd buy proper trainers. Again I wasn't wanting to spend a lot of money on trainers that are just going to get scuffed up on water rides and rollercoaster's. So I went for these gems from Primark. They've got memory foam insoles and provide so much more cushioning and support. I'm sure I'll still have aching feet from walking miles around the parks each day, but hopefully these will ease it a little bit.

Hoodie £12
Last but not least I picked up this beautiful hoodie for on the plane. On a 9 hour flight I need comfort and this ticks all the boxes. It's super cosy inside and it's got Mickey Mouse on it so I can rep Disney for the whole flight!

I still need a couple of other bits for the holiday but I'm super pleased that I've managed to pick up so much stuff already. They'll definitely be another holiday haul when I've bought more stuff so keep a look out for that!  

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