Happy List: January 2018

Hello and welcome to the first Happy List of 2018! January was so full of ups and downs and I'm kind of glad to see the back of it but we're only here to talk about the good stuff today and I am pleased to say that the nice parts of the month were pretty great!

  1. We kicked off the month (on New Years Day no less) by paying a deposit on our Florida park tickets, we also managed to pay off a massive chunk of what we still owed later in the month! It really was such a great way to start the year!
  2. Josh made me a bell jar inspired by Beauty and the Beast. We bought the stuff for it a few months ago but Josh needed a stronger drill than what we have so only just got around to making it, I love it.
  3. We enjoyed visits from both our nieces this month and it was really lovely to spend some quality time with them both. 
  4. I enjoyed a night in on my own complete with wine and ice cream (and the cats of course) and it was so good! I also discovered The Sinner on Netflix that same night but only got one episode watched because I knew Josh would enjoy it. We powered through it in 24 hours and we can highly recommend it.
  5. We enjoyed a rare Saturday night out. We're both very much home birds and enjoy nothing more than a night in but it made such a lovely change to go out. We headed to Frankie and Benny's for date night and a few cocktails.
  6. I bought the most amazing boots which you can see in the last picture. They're such a beautiful colour and they were only £3 in the sale!
  7. We hit 199 days until our Florida holiday tomorrow! I've been waiting to reach the 100's forever.
 The final point on the Happy List deserves a bit all to itself. We have some pretty exciting news... we've started a YouTube channel! Our first ever video went live on Sunday, we hoping to do weekly vlogs and some sit down videos which will probably be more focused on Disney/Florida. We'd talked about buying a Canon G7X for quite a while to vlog our Florida holiday in August so we've took the plunge a little early and I'm so glad we have. It's taking quite a bit of getting used to on my part but I'm sure by the time Florida rolls around we'll have very much settled into it. It would mean the world to us if you could support our new venture by subscribing to our channel. 

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