Disney Haul: January 2018

Collective Disney Haul
Grab a cuppa and get comfy because today I have a big Disney haul for you to enjoy! This haul is made up mainly of Disney things we received for Christmas, a little purchase we made before Christmas and a DIY project.

Disney Tsum Tsums
 So we'll start with the soft toys. The Marie and Stitch Ufufy's were presents from Josh at Christmas. I think the Ufufy's are really cute but I don't really want to start collecting them but I knew I just had to have Stitch and Marie because they're my favourite characters. The Coco Tsum Tsum's were bought just before Chrismas, we didn't go for the whole set, just the ones we loved, which is what we often do with Tsum Tsum's. We've actually ran out for room for Tsum's now so I'm not sure what we're going to do! I can't wait to see Coco and the 4 Tsum's we picked up from this collection are so good.

Disney Funko Pops
I actually only received two Disney Funko Pop's for Christmas, although I did also get a Fantastic Beasts one and Josh got a couple of Star Wars ones. These two are probably amongst two of my favourite from our collection which is no mean feat considering we own 61 Pop's between us! I really want some other Stitch Funko Pop's now, though I know a lot aren't easy to get hold of anymore.

Countdown to Disney holiday
 A couple of random items from Christmas. Josh's mum bought us the Disney countdown plaque which is really nice in real life, I just need to remember to keep updating it. She also bought is a big glass jar that says 'Disney Fund' on it. We haven't included it here though as it actually has money in it already. I bought the Disney Dollar for Josh to display on his little shelf of curiousities that he has, the particular Disney Dollar was printed to celebrate 100 years of magic.

Disney Jigsaw Puzzle
I've wanted a jigsaw puzzle for quite a while now as I think it'd be a really good way to relax and a great alternative to being stuck in front of a screen. This Disney one is absolutely beautiful and was a gift from Josh at Christmas. I cannot wait to make a start on it now I've found a pick enough surface to put it on that's flat and hard.

Beauty and the Beast bell jar DIY
This Beauty and the Beast inspired bell jar was a little DIY project Josh undertook and it's turned out so well. The jar and rose were from Ikea and the fairy lights were from Primark. It looks right at home amongst our others Disney collectibles.

This Lilo and Stitch figurine set and Lilo and Stitch blu-ray were presents from Josh. We only watched Lilo and Stitch for the first time last year (I don't know why we hadn't watched it before) and it's safe to say I absolutely fell in love with the movie, especially Stitch. It's such a lovely film so I'm on a real mission to build up my Stitch collection now so these items are perfect.

Disney Star Wars Pins
My favourite thing to collect has to be Disney pins. I only started in February 2017 and I've completely falling in love with it. There are so many beautiful pins out there and I genuinely enjoy watching my pin board grow. When I saw that the Disney Store was releasing this Up 2018 pin I knew I had to try and get it. I find new pin releases from the Disney Store notoriously difficult to get hold of so I was super happy that I was able to get this one fuss free. The Tsum Tsum Star Wars pins were part of a mystery pack that Josh bought me, I already have quite a lot of Tsum Tsum pins but no Star Wars ones, Chewbacca is definitely my favourite from the pack. Finally the Stitch pin was an early surprise from Josh, we have a Disney advent calendar where you fill the draws yourself so when the clock ticked over to midnight making it Christmas Day Josh told me to open the last draw of the calendar and this little guy was waiting for me.

There probably won't be a Disney haul for quite some time now as we're off to Disney World in August and there is so much stuff we want to bring back from there so all our money is getting saved for that trip!

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