What I got for Christmas 2017

I'll start this post off the way I always start them off, I understand that these posts aren't to everyone's liking so if it's not your thing, please click off now. I personally love these posts and I love seeing what everyone received for Christmas and the different things people are into. For example, I don't think a lot of our gifts, especially to each other, are all that average. They completely represent our nerdy personalities and interests but I also completely love seeing posts from people sharing the makeup or clothes they received or presents that reflect their individual interests as well. I'm so nosey that these kinds of posts are right up my street and presented in the correct way I don't see it as bragging or showing off but a nice way to share with other nosey folk what interesting gifts you received!

Like last years post I've split the presents up a little in order to better show what I received, so there'll be the gifts from Josh, the gifts from family then this year there's a close up of my Disney gifts and my Lush gifts as I received a lots of things in both those categories! I've also included a picture of some of Josh's presents as it's nice to show the presents of a massive man child too, as always it's mainly Star Wars stuff.

Presents from Josh
On reflection I am aware of just how geeky this pile of presents looks, but I love them, and yes that is a telescope at the back there! Where we live is pretty dark so the sky in mainly unaffected by artificial lights meaning that since we moved here we've spent quite a few occasions outside in the garden watching meteor showers etc. I've always loved looking at the night sky and the stars and now I'll have a much clearer view! I've been wanting Sims 4 since it was released, I've been on it a couple of times now and I'm loving it so far. The handbag fits in perfectly with the telescope and I just love it, it's one of the prettiest bags I've ever seen. Josh also bought me a Star Wars Tsum Tsum mystery pin pack and surprised me with the Santa Stitch pin at midnight as we ticked over into Christmas Day, he'd hidden it in my advent calendar! The Cherry Coke and Maltesers probably need explaining but they were the first ever thing he bought me when we got together 10 years ago at Christmas so now he buys this every year!

 Presents from family
Disney fund jar has already come in very useful for saving up any extra cash for our Disney World holiday in August 2018. The wand makeup brushes are amazing and were a complete surprise from my mum. The big candles smell absolutely amazing, I've got Pumpkin Spice and Butter Beer. Josh and I were also very lucky to jointly receive money from family to put towards our Florida holiday and will be using it towards buyig our park tickets very soon, so thank you to our families for that!

You know I love Disney so much and that I collect Disney pins and Funko Pops so I was very happy to add Moana and Stitch to my Pop collection. I also received Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Jabba and C3PO in a mystery Tsum Tsum pin pack and a Disneyland Paris 20th anniversary Santa Stitch pin. I'm not a plush collector but when the Disney Store released Ufufy's I knew I had to have my two favourite characters, Marie and Stitch so Josh kindly bought me these. I also cannot wait to make a start on my beautiful Disney jigsaw puzzle.

I just love Lush, I haven't found a single product of theirs that I haven't enjoyed using so I was super happy when my dad, my mum and Josh's dad all bought me Lush gifts. My dad bought me the 3 bath bombs on the left and the Candy Mountain bubble bar in the middle, my mum bought me the two Snow Fairy products and Josh's dad bought me the rest of the stuff. I'm super excited to try out Sleepy and Ultrabland.

 Josh's presents
I've included some of the presents Josh received too and as you can see he's fairly easy to buy for. Anything Star Wars and some real ales and he's sorted! The spirit level is sort of a joke but he did ask his dad for one after constantly borrowing his! I also bought him two Funko Pops to add to his own rather large Star Wars Pop collection. 

If you've wrote a 'What I got for Christmas' post I'd love to read it so please leave a link to it in the comments. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!

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