December Plans 2017

Last year I shared a post of all our plans for December. Like it is for many, December is a packed out month for us and this year is no exception. This year I've decided to blog more regularly throughout December. Unfortunately it won't be Blogmas as such as I work full time and just don't have the time to dedicate to blogging everyday however I'm going to try my very best to put out at least 3 posts a week for my own, scaled back version of Blogmas. I thought I'd kick off my mini Blogmas by filling you in on all our plans for this month.

1. This weekend my Dad and I are having a father, daughter day. I don't know where we're going as he's booked a surprise (I hope it's something festive though!). It'll be really nice to spend some time with my Dad though. On the same day, Josh is attending a Christmas gift fair for my store, Just Mouse Things. The original plan was for us both to attend but we were originally told the wrong date by which time I'd already made plans with my Dad so Josh kindly offered to attend for me.
2. We're getting into the festive spirit at work a little earlier this year and in the first week of December we're having a huge fuddle and going out for drinks which I'm really looking forwards to.
3. Like last year I'm having a girly day at Leeds Christmas market again this year with my mum and her friend. Josh has once again decided not to come because he can't cope with shopping and crowded cities so I've no doubt he's going to spend most of the day on his Playstation!
4. Our 10th anniversary is this month (the 18th) and as it's only a week before Christmas we always find it quite hard to fit something in between working and getting organised for Christmas which is why we went away to Liverpool for our anniversary in October. The weekend before our anniversary we plan on just having a simple date day of going to the cinema and for some food just like we did for our very first date.
5. Neither of us finish work until the 22nd this year (boo to the school holiday's being so late this year). I actually have an inset day though so I should have most of the day to myself to organise the house and I'm also planning on trying my hand at making gingerbread then too.
6. Which leads us right up to just before Christmas, my Mum is coming over the day before Christmas Eve so we can exchange presents and on Christmas Eve I'm hoping to have quite a chilled day with a little bit of Christmas dinner prep, lots of festive films and rounding the evening off with either a takeaway or some party food nibbles.
7. We like to keep Christmas Day mainly to ourselves so I expect we'll see my Dad for an hour or so then the rest of the day with be just us two stuffing our faces, exchanging presents and enjoying time alone.
8. We always try to have a little get together with my Mum between Christmas and New Year and this year we're heading to my Mum's and staying the night to allow is all to relax, drink and play some adult party games (hello Cards Against Humanity!)

So that's our December, busy and full of fun and I can't wait! Like last year I'm planning on creating a December vlog which will hopefully go live at the start of January. If you fancy catching up on last year's vlog you can do so here. And as I've already mentioned, I'm doing my own scaled back version of Blogmas this year so expect to see a lot more content on here throughout this month!

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