Chatsworth at Christmas

Robin at Chatsworth House
Last Sunday my Dad and I had a father, daughter day out at Chatsworth House for their Christmas market and Dickensian themed Christmas decorations inside the house. The market was really good with over 100 stalls to looks around, lots of delicious food on offer and of course mulled wine which we may have enjoyed a couple of cups of each!
Chatsworth House
The house was really the main attraction though and I wish I could've truly captured how beautiful it looked. The Dickensian theme was perfect as I'm quite the history nerd and that era is one of my favourites plus The Christmas Carol is one of my favourites stories ever. Each room had a different theme from the Ghost of Christmas Past to The Old Curiosity Shop, Scrooge and Marley's place, Oliver Twist and Great Expectations.

Christmas at Chatsworth House
The decorations and attention to detail were mind-blowing and the Oliver Twist room and Great Expectations room both had two wonderful members of staff playing Fagin and Miss Havisham and they did such a good job of it. The room for the Ghost of Christmas Past was amazing, it featured one of the biggest Christmas trees I've ever seen and the ghost's chair.
Chatsworth House Christmas

Dickensian Christmas at Chatsworth House
 Even the areas not themed around a Dickensian Christmas were perfectly done and lovely to look at. I can hand on heart say walking around the house was one of the loveliest things I've done and the absolute best start to my favourite month of the year.
Chatsworth House Dickensian Christmas

 I left Chatsworth feeling very happy and full of Christmas spirit, I don't think my Dad could've arranged a better day out for us, I loved it so much. I'd love to go again another year to check out a different theme for the house as I think it'd be really interesting to see how different it looked. 

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