Happy List: October 2017

I didn't blog a lot last month, I didn't even write a September Happy List which I beat myself up about because up until that point I hadn't missed a month, then I convinced myself it didn't matter because no one reads my blog anyway and then I just stopped blogging. The truth is I desperately wanted to create a routine that would allow me to blog more but then my timetable changed at work and I have a big work exam coming up so I'm tired when I come home and if I'm going to be straight I'm a little dry on ideas at the moment as well. So I'm easing myself back with a Happy List for October, given the it's one of my favourite months I figured it would be the best place to start.

1. We went to see the Impractical Joker live show at the start of the month, we love the TV show and the live show did not disappoint.
2. We attended a local Comic Con at the beginning of the month, which was actually really good. Of course Josh nerded out at all the Star Wars stuff!
2. We've seen more of our niece this month and those chubby little cheeks never fail to make me smile!
3. The cosy evenings have definitely begun. I just love autumn and winter evenings and I really love dark nights so the fact it's getting darker earlier now is great! We bought some new fairy lights for our lantern and I love how cosy that corner of the living room looks.
4. Of course we carved pumpkins again this year. Josh is usually pretty creative but we had to do them one evening after work so neither of us had the energy so this year we've just got a traditional Jack O' Lantern and a cat.
5. We went away at the end of the month for a much needed break. We headed to one of our favourite cities, Liverpool. We used this trip away as a early 10th anniversary treat as we won't get away for our actual anniversary in December because of work. You can expect a post about Liverpool and a review of the hotel coming very soon.
6. My Dad went to Disney World this month and returned with a Magic Band each for Josh and I next year and a new pin for my collection.

October was such a great month, being the start of the best three months of the year though, I knew it wouldn't disappoint. I can't wait to see what November and December bring.

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