Autumn '17

It's officially autumn! Today marks the first day of my favourite season.

For the past few years around this time, I've posted an Autumn moodboard of my favourite Pinterest images. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of the year, from the cosy pj's, burning candles, dark evenings and then Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. There's just so much to look forward to and October, November and December will forever be my favourite months. This year I thought I'd combine my usual moodboard with a list of things I'm excited for this autumn.

Pumpkin carving - I have to say, Josh is the creative one and over the years we've had a Beatles themed pumpkin, a Monster's Inc one and a Star Wars one. I can't wait to see what this years theme will be!

Liverpool - it's become a tradition for us to have a little break somewhere just before Christmas, however this year we don't finish work until a couple of days before Christmas Day which makes it impossible for us to do that which is a little disappointing considering we usually combine that break with our anniversary celebration too. Seen as we're both tied to school holidays because of our jobs we've decided to go away in October instead. As it's a celebration for our 10 year anniversary, we're staying in an amazing hotel and I can't wait to see it.

Bonfire celebrations - as it was the cats' first bonfire night last year we only bought a small box of bang-less fireworks just for us as we didn't know what they'd be like. It turns out they were fine so this year I think we might have some family over and have a bit more of a party out of it. Of course we'll still stick with the tamer fireworks though as I don't want to unnecessarily scare the cats.

Hot chocolate - we've recently started swimming and there's nothing better than coming home to a mug of hot chocolate after swimming on a cold evening. Of course with trying to be healthier I'm trying not to have too many but they're a great treat! I'm more excited than I should be for Bailey's hot chocolates!

Our nieces Christening - our niece is getting Christened on Bonfire Night which should make for a pretty good celebration.

Re-watching House - we both love House and there's something about this time of year the makes us want to sit down and watch it all again. So I can't wait for cosy evenings spent under warm blankets, watching one of our favourite shows.

Autumn meals - there's nothing better after a long, cold day than coming home to a warming bowl or homemade chilli or stew or shepherd's pie. I've always loved using my slow cooker but recently I've got into batch cooking meals to freeze and it makes for a super quick but yummy tea.

Baking  Yorkshire Parkin - Josh and I use an old recipe that belonged to his great grandma and it honestly makes the best Parkin. I shared the same recipe we use in a post a few years ago (you can read it here). Is there anything better than a house filled with ginger cakey scents? I think not!

Anniversary celebrations - Josh and I have been together for 10 years in December which I can't quite believe. I don't think we're doing much as we're working but we have the swanky Liverpool hotel booked which I've already mentioned and I have a couple of good present ideas up my sleeve!

Christmas - how could I not round my list of with this?! I bloody love Christmas. I'm hoping to squeeze in a couple of trips to Christmas markets and maybe one or two other festive outings. I think I might vlog throughout December again too like I did last year.

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