Happy List: July 2017

July was the month of celebrations, we both finished work for six weeks, I turned 26 and it's been a whole year since we got the keys to our first home. The only thing that could have made it better was some actual summer weather, fingers crossed August graces us with some warm, sunny days.
  1. My Disney pin collection seems to be expanding at lightening speed. I only started collecting in February and I already have around 40 pins. I received a few for my birthday though and then I keep finding bargains so I can't resist buying them. I added the Epcot World Showcase pin set in the photo above to my collection in July. Epcot is my favourite Disney World park so I just couldn't resist these. 
  2. I can't tell you how good finising work for 6 weeks felt. I don't talk too much about my job on here other than telling you I work in a school. This past year has probably been the hardest year and the final two weeks of term nearly broke me, so I'm more than ready for this break. Anyone who complains about how long people who work in schools get off really doesn't understand the reality of such a job!
  3. I celebrated my 26th birthday at the end of July. You can read all about it and see what presents I got in my Twenty Six post. It was a really lovely day though.
  4. In June's Happy List I told you about the URL change for my blog, well this month I have a new header to match the new URL. Now I just need a new layout and my blog will be complete. That may not happen for a couple of months though. 
  5. Our two fur babies continue to be a source of daily entertainment. I should point out that the slow cooker in the above photo is not turned on and the crock pot part of it has being removed. I don't know why but Dobby likes to sit in it. The strange cat!

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