Happy List: August 2017

Seen as we're still saving hard for Florida (and the fact we actually paid some more of our Florida holiday off this month), August was again a quiet month. However it was lovely to still be off work and we actually managed to do some work on our garden!

 1. I got my second tattoo right at the start of the month, a little birthday present to myself! I'm absolutely in love with it, the colours are beautiful and I love that I have a little bit of Disney with me at all times now. This one was so much more painful than my first tattoo but it was completely worth it.
2. I actually ended up having 3 more birthday celebrations this month with various people. My Dad decided to be a true Brit and BBQ despite it being pretty chilly, so I ended up borrowing his work fleece to try and keep warm! How cute in the fairy princess cake he bought me though?!
3. We finally made a start on transforming our garden. I've mentioned before, but we have a huge garden and it can feel a little daunting when I think about all the things I want to do to get it looking nice. However we finally made a start on it this month and I can finally say I have a garden I'm not ashamed of. I'll be doing a full blog post on the first phase of the transformation soon.
4. We actually had a couple of warm days this month, not as many as I would have liked but some is better than none. It was nice to relax outside and read. The above sunny picture of us both was actually took the day that marked a year since we moved into our first house.
5. It was a big month for the cats too, first they had a bath and Dobby ended up looking like E.T then we celebrated one whole year of them living with us. How handsome do this look in their bows?!

It's back to work in a couple of days which I'm really not looking forwards to, however the start of September means we're one step closer to autumn aka the best time of the year!

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