Funko Pop Wishlist

One (of the many) things I collect is Funko Pops. Actually both Josh and I collect them but whereas I collect Disney and Harry Potter ones, Josh collects Star Wars ones. We love collecting Funko Pops and seen as we're not hard core collectors of exclusives or chase Pops then we actually find some pretty good bargains and rarely ever pay above £12 for a Pop. I currently have 35 Pops and Josh has 22.

All of the Pops on my current wishlist can be found on Amazon and some of them are going for amazing prices at the moment (under £10) I'm honestly finding it hard to resist! I recently got the Mickey Mouse Pop for my birthday so now I need Minnie to go with him. I already have Carl and Dug from Up and the Russell one is really cute too so it'd be nice to complete that series. I don't know what it is about the Buzz and Woody ones but I think they're super cute. I already have the Rapunzel and Pascal Pop pack but I love this version with the flowers in her hair and seen as Rapunzel is my favourite Disney princess I have to have this version in my collection.The Moana and Pua set is probably the most expensive thing on here but that's only about £13, Moana has quickly become one of my favourite films but I'm not one of these collectors that has to have every Pop in the series, unless it's something I really love, so I picked this set out of the 3 Moana Pops available as it's my favourite. I love the live action Beauty and the Beast Pops, these were pretty expensive when they first came out but you can actually pick them up pretty cheap now so I'd love to get these 4. We recently watched Lilo and Stitch for the first time and I absolutely loved it, especially Stitch. I spent a good hour or so looking at Stitch merch so I definitely need the Pop version of him. Finally I'd like to get the upcoming release of Rafiki and Simba, I'm not actually a huge fan of the Lion King but I do really like this Pop.

I'm sure my wishlist is going to continue to grow, the only problem is finding somewhere to put them all!

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