Dobby and Buddy's First Year

29.08.16 - the day we went to collect one cat and came home with two.

I'd always wanted a cat so it was inevitable that when we moved in together a furry friend would quickly follow. When we spotted a stripy kitten for sale we knew he was the one, we went to visit him and promised we'd be back to collect him a week later after a short mini-break we already had booked. That day rolled around and with a heart filled with excitement we set off to pick up our little addition to our family. A short while later we arrived back home not only with him but with his brother too, the last remaining kitten in the litter that no one wanted. I wrote the full story of Buddy and Dobby's arrival within our family last year shortly after they joined us, so please give that a read. 

So today marks a year since Dobby and Buddy completed our family. They've spent an entire year with us and my heart is just filled with love for them, they're the best decision I've ever made and they bring me so much happiness. People without pets may not fully understand how much they mean to me, but without straying into crazy cat lady territory I definitely view them as family, we don't want children so they are definitely my little fur babies and I'd do anything for them. I hope that in joining Josh and I that we continue to make them as happy as they make us. 

Because there isn't a day goes by where they don't make me laugh I've actually compiled a video of their funniest and cutest moments in the year that they've spent with us, it's mostly for me to look back on if I'm honest, but if you'd like to watch it, you can do so below. 

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