Twenty Six

Last Friday I celebrated my 26th birthday so I thought I'd share some photo's from the day and do a bit of a 'what I got for my birthday' type post.

With unicorn wrapping paper, birthday banner and paper plates it's hard to believe that it was my 26th birthday, but I loved it! Josh made me a Funko Pop style Iron Man cake but he wasn't happy with how it turned out, for a first attempt I don't think it's bad though and it tasted so nice which is the most important thing really! I had a fairly chilled day which is just how I like to spend my birthday's, I opened my presents in the morning and when I'd had a good look at everything we added my Disney pins and Funko Pop's to my collection and then ate cake and watched Florida videos. In the evening we headed out to Frankie and Benny's for some good food and cocktails. Can we just take a minute to talk about how good the French Martini's are at Frankie and Benny's?! I mean they're insanely good! When we were so full that we good hardly move we headed home and spent the rest of the evening sipping Asti in our pj's and watching more Florida videos. My birthday couldn't have been any more perfect!

So on to what I got for my birthday. Of course there were a lot of Disney things included which made me very happy.
The Alien perfume from my Dad and it smells amazing, I really needed some new perfume too. He also got me Beauty and the Beast, the Disney Animator mug which I've wanted since it was released and a Harry Potter jumper that isn't in the photo because it was hard to include clothes. My Mum got me the Lush bath bombs, the Harry Potter luggage tag, the Minnie glasses case and the softest, snuggliest Disney lounge wear jumper that I can't wait to wear when it gets cooler, then she gave me some money too. The Benefit makeup, bath products and canvas print were from Josh's mum and her partner, she also got me some Mickey pj's but again they aren't in the photo. Finally Josh got me the Disney book, chocolates, wine, the globe (which looks so good in our spare room with all our copper things), all the Funko Pops, the Disney pins and a plaster cast kit which may seem a little strange but I had the idea of making something to mark our 10th anniversary which is at the end of this year so he bought me the kit so we can get on with it whilst we both have 6 weeks off work. 

I've included photo's of some of the things closer up so you can see things like the Disney pins in more detail.
The first two pins are ones I actually picked out but Josh said he's buy me them for my birthday so I didn't see them until I opened them. I have all of the Magic Kingdom 45th anniversary pins and I love how this first one fits in with them. For the second pin, my favourite Disney World character is Figment from the Journey into the Imagination ride in Epcot. I'd like to start a little Figment pin collection so this one is a great start. I've included a close up of the Animator mug because I can't get over how beautiful the artwork is on it. I love the vintage effect and the copper on the globe and it fits right it with the copper accents in our spare room. Josh also bought me a mystery pin bag, I've wanted to buy one of these for a while and he opted for the Mickey ear hat bag. There's sixteen pins to collect in total and I think there's only two in the series that I'm not that fussed about and luckily I didn't get either of those in this bag! I think I'll definitely be buying more mystery pin bags in the future. Finally Josh bought me five Funko Pop's as you may already know we both collect Pop's and these ones have being on my wish list for a little while. 

So there you go, that was my 26th birthday. A day filled with Disney, unicorns, good food and cocktails. Perfection!

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