On turning 26 and reflecting

Long time readers will know that each year as my birthday approaches I like to take some time to reflect on the previous year and think about what I'd like from the year ahead, so today on my actual birthday I'm doing just that.
These posts have changed a lot over the few years that I've being doing them and it was a little strange to read through them before I sat down to write this. For example reflecting on my 22nd year was a downhearted post, I was incredibly unhappy for a lot of that year and quickly rocketing towards an unknown 23rd year full of doubt. Reflecting on my 23rd year was amazing, everything had completely turned around and the year was full of amazing memories and experiences. Reflecting on my 24th year was so much better than I could ever imagine, dreams were fulfilled and I'd took the huge and very adult step of buying a house. So how has my 25th year being? Better than I could ever put down in words.

The day after my 25th birthday we finally collected the keys to our first home, the home we'd bought together, on that very same day I also got my first tattoo which is something I'd talked about for years but never being brave enough to do. We spent time turning our house into a home and subsequently turning our spare room into a nerd's paradise. I found a passion for the Disney community and Disney collecting that's become a great hobby for me. We added two furry friends to our little family and they bring me so much happiness, easily the best decision we've ever made. Although going back to Disney World was always the dream, when we moved into our home and all our hard earned cash began disappearing it felt like a dream that was slipping further and further away, that was until May this year when we booked our Disney World 2018 holiday, it's killing me that it's over a year away but I'm so happy we're going back and super proud of us for everything we've achieved this year. 

I thought I'd do a slightly different reflection this year, so here's my 25th year in numbers...

1 new home moved into
3 rooms decorated in our new home
2 cats joined our little family
1 massive garden that's being partly transformed
33 Disney pins bought
2 new business ventures set up
1 blog name change
1 Disney holiday booked
A 386 day wait (and counting) until said Disney holiday
1 tattoo completed
1 tattoo booked (for my 26th year)

So what am I hoping for my 26th year on this planet? To be honest there's nothing too much I want, I'm happy for life to continue as it is. We actually don't go to Florida until I turn 27 (which makes it seem even further away!) but they'll be lots of Florida saving and planning happening. I already have my next tattoo planned which is a little birthday present to myself so I'm excited to get that done. For the first time since writing these posts there's nothing I want to change which is a great feeling! 

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