Happy List: June 2017

 On the whole, June was a quiet month. We took advantage of the beautiful weather we experienced by spending every moment we could relaxing in our garden. Working in a huge school is not the one when its so hot though! I do wish the sun would make a reappearance though now. Normally there'd be more photo's on these Happy Lists as I usually include any little Disney purchases I've made, however I've decided to do a separate post for that this month so look out for that later this week.

  1. I know I said the Disney buys would be in another post but I couldn't resist putting a little peak of my Marie Funko Pop in here! 
2. The new Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone covers were released at the start of the month. Representing Hufflepuff all the way! I can't believe it's been 20 years since it was first released.
3. My two little fur babies turned one towards the end of the month. They've been with us from 9 weeks old and it always amazes me when I look back at their old photo's, they were so tiny and fuzzy!
4. I booked my next tattoo in June, I'll be having it at the end of July. It's Disney themed and going near my ankle. That's all I'm saying for now. 
5. Of course, since we booked to go back to Florida we've been watching loads of Florida vlogs. We've found an amazing channel The Time Tracker and we've being watching his videos for almost 3 weeks straight now. It's become our new evening ritual.

I've a feeling July is going to be a great month, I finish work for 6 weeks this month (3 weeks and counting #workperks) and it's my birthday at the end of the month which I'm really excited for even though I'll officially be in my late twenties, take a look at what's on my birthday wishlist.

Another little side note, some of you may have noticed my blog URL has changed. After 6 years of blogging I've finally purchased my own domain, it's all in preparation for a big blog overhaul that will gradually be happening over the next couple of months. Josh is designing my new blog header, I'll be getting a whole new layout and the name will be changing to Laureny Loves... so keep a lookout for all the exciting changes happening here.

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