Disney Pin Wishlist

My Disney pin collection is perhaps my favourite collection (from my Tsum Tsum plushes, Funko Pops and Tsum Tsum Squishies) so I'm always in search of cute new pins to add to my collection. I've only being collecting since February so I don't have too many at the moment and I'm currently on a spending ban so I won't be adding any more for a little while. I don't know how I'm going to hold back from spending all my money on pins when we go to Walt Disney World next year!

I should point out that since creating the picture for this I actually managed to find the Epcot World Showcase pins on Ebay. I didn't think I'd be able to ever get these as they're actually $60 to buy at Walt Disney World but a UK listing came up for a good price so I just had to snap them up with some money I had in my Paypal account. I've decided to still include them as they were firmly at the top of my wishlist when I had the idea for this post. I'm also going to tell myself I haven't broke my spending ban as I actually haven't paid for them out of my bank account!

  1. One of my favourite Pixar movies is Up and although there's quite a few Up pins I like, the Grape Soda bottle cap is right at the top of my Up pin list.
  2. We've already covered the World Showcase pins above a little but I didn't know they existed until a few weeks ago when I saw a picture of them on Instagram so of course I headed straight over to Ebay only to be might by American listing for quite a high price. That was until recently when up popped a UK listing and I had to get them. Epcot is probably my favourite Disney park and I just love the vibe of World Showcase so these naturally had to be in my collection.
  3. Tangled is my favourite Disney Princess movie (alongside Moana, although she's technically a tribe chief so...) I love all of the glitter princess pins but seen as Rapunzel is my favourite princess, she's the one I want most in my collection.
  4. The stitched heart collection is super cute but perhaps my favourite of the five available is Mickey and Minnie. They're the original Disney characters and I love that Minnie is the vintage style one with the flower hat.
  5. Marie is one of my all time favourite Disney animals. I've loved the Aristocats from being really young and I'm hoping to eventually have quite a few Aristocat pins in my collection. The diamant√©  Marie one is just stunning.
  6. Mine and Josh's favourite Disney World ride is the Haunted Mansion. I love everything about it and there happens to be some amazing merch for it too. I recently bought the Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsum pin set and again I'd like to build up a good Haunted Mansion collection.
  7. Some of the first pins I bought were Tsum Tsum pins and they're probably my favourite style of pin, honestly I could make a wishlist of just Tsum Tsum pins but we'll just stick to this spinner one for now!
I'll probably make more of these posts in the future as there's literally hundreds of beautiful pins out there that I'd love to add to my collection. 

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