Disney Haul: June 2017

I usually include any little Disney purchases on my monthly Happy List but as I've got quite a few things to share that I bought in June I thought it would be fun to do a separate Disney Haul.
Haunted Mansion Disney Pins
The Haunted Mansion Tsum Tsum pins (Ebay £14.95)
I love the Tsum Tsum Disney pins and The Haunted Mansion is one of my absolute favourite rides at Disney World. I was going to buy these when we go to Florida next year but when I found them on Ebay brand new, factory sealed from an English seller for about £10 cheaper than what I'd pay in America, I just had to snap them up. I absolutely love them.
Marie Funko Pop
 Marie Funko Pop (PopCultcha £14.75 with £8 shipping)
When it was announced that Funko were releasing a Marie Aristocats Pop I was so excited, Marie is one of my favourite characters, however it was also announced she'd be a Hot Topic exclusive and there were rumours she wouldn't be making her way to any UK sites. A few people on Instagram reccommended PopCultcha to fellow Disney lovers. PopCultcha is an Australian site hence the £8 shipping price but if you only buy one Pop there's no custom fees. She was well worth the higher shipping price. Funko need to release the rest of the Aristocats characters now.

Tangled Tsum Tsum pins
 Rapunzel and Mother Gothel Tsum Tsum pins (Ebay)
When I first started collecting pins earlier this year, I snapped Pascal up for a really good price on Ebay without releasing he came from a limited edition box set with Rapunzel and Mother Gothel then three Monsters Inc pins and three Lion King pins. Obviously with these pins coming from a limited edition box set they don't appear on Ebay very often and hardly ever from a UK seller. I spent months searching which paid off when Mother Gothel and Rapunzel appeared together from the same seller. I now have a complete set of Tangled Tsum Tsum pins.

Disney Tsum Tsum Squishies
 Tsum Tsum Squishies (The Entertainer £3 and £5)
I've been waiting for the series 4 Tsum Tsum Squishies to come out for months. A series 4 carry case appeared in The Entertainer at the beginning of the year but no series 4 packs. Anyway they've finally made their way in store and online. I picked up a two pack and four pack of the series 2 fuzzy ones as I hardly have any of those and the same in series 4.
Monsters Inc Tsum Tsum pins
Boo Tsum Tsum pin (Ebay)
Much like the Tangled pins I didn't realise at first that these were from a limited edition box set (the same one as the Tangled pins) when I first bought Mike from someone on Instagram. I managed to find Sulley pretty quickly on Ebay and for really cheap but Boo was impossible to get. She hardly ever appears on Ebay and never from an English seller. I literally spent months searching and never once saw her come up from an English seller until the middle of June. I was expecting to have to bid big given how rare she seems to be but I was willing to do so to complete the collection however I snapped her up for an amazing price (£2.95 to be exact!). That's the Monsters Ince Tsum Tsum set also complete now.

Cars Tsum Tsums
 Mater and Lightening McQueen Tsum Tsums (Clintons £3.50)
When the Disney Store released the Cars 3 Tsum Tsums I wasn't really fussed about any of the collection apart from Mater because look how great he is! Anyway there isn't a Disney Store close to me and I wasn't paying £4 shipping just for one Tsum Tsum. So when I heard they'd made their way to Clintons I snapped up Mater and Lightening McQueen. I think Mater is now one of my favourite Tsums that I own.

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  1. I absolutely love the pins! I may have to get some on my next trip! Thanks for the post.

    Arielle- littledismaid.com


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