Thinking time and the art of not being humble

Why you should be proud of your achievments
Why is it that when we've achieved something big, we keep quiet about it and take the humble approach? Is it so we don't come across as big-headed? So we don't seem like we're bragging about our achievements? 

Why is it that when we have achieved something big we seem to quickly forget about it, we don't take stock of what we've done and we're too quick to think we want more? We're surrounded by people achieving amazing things, having amazing experiences and somehow we pale into insignificance.
 Well today I'm going to practice the art of not being humble. I had some quiet time to think a few weeks ago. The same evening this beautiful photo of the moon was captured. The weather had been beautiful and Josh and I had spent the day tidying up our garden. Tea was cooking, Josh was in the bath and the cats were asleep. I had some time to myself which is a rarity in a house with two mad kitties and a partner who shares the same holidays. So I sat outside on the steps leading from our patio onto our garden and breathed in the cooling but still warm, evening air and I looked up at our house and thought about how this time last year we weren't living in this house, we weren't even living together. I thought about all that's happened in that time and I was proud of what we've achieved and for perhaps the first time in my life, it felt like enough. I thought about how we're home owners, how we're turning our lovely little house into our beautiful home, I thought about how only just over 3 weeks ago we were able to book our dream holiday for next summer and it filled me with excitement that we're heading back to Walt Disney World and it filled me with pride that we did that together. And it all felt like enough.

I'm the first one to moan about not having enough money, about the state of our tired kitchen that I'm desperate to sort out, about not travelling enough. But in that moment all that went. I didn't want to be humble or brush aside the immense pride I was feeling, I wanted to shout from the rooftops that together we've achieved bloody amazing things, we've worked hard and we've saved like you wouldn't believe so why should I keep quiet, why should I not share the happiness I'm feeling right now? Because I'll let you into a secret, the art of not being humble has changed my outlook. Taking stock of what we've done has put everything into perspective and I'm feeling happier than I've ever felt.

So I'm advocating that we all practice the art of not being humble every now and again. Be proud of what you've done, don't hide it! And realise that what you've done is enough!

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