Short Hair, Don't Care

Back in February I had around 5.5 inches chopped off my hair, the long hair I'd had for the past 8-9 years was no more (and neither was the blonde hair I'd had for the past 3 years).

See in 2007 I chopped my hair super short and I hated it, to style didn't suit me at all so from that moment I began growing my hair and only ever having the ends trimmed at the hairdressers. By 2013 my hair was the longest it's ever been, well past my boobs and relatively healthy but a year later I started to lighten my hair until eventually I was full on bright blonde, a year later a had a fairly decent cut to get rid of all the dry ends but my hair was still long.

 After a couple of years of being fully blonde, I got bored of the root upkeep so decided that blonde balayage was the best option. This is when I began using bleach, despite the fact I knew it was no good for my hair especially as I was doing it myself without any of the extra protection that a salon could provide I bleached my hair around 3 times over the course of around 7 months, my hair was white it places and I loved the colour. What I didn't love was how short my hair had got despite only have trims, my hair was snapping so much that it was getting shorter and thinner by the day, it was dry and extremely damaged.

I'd toyed with the idea of going shorter for a while, before my hair became so damaged but I'd never had the guts to go for it, I'd spent so long growing my hair that it had become a bit of a security blanket that I was reluctant to get rid of. In February I decided to just go for it, one because I was desperate for a change but also because it was the only way to get healthy again. I spent over 3 hours with my hairdresser, going back brunette and chopping my hair off. Throughout the entire process I expected to hate the result, I was not prepared to absolutely fall in love with my short, dark locks. My hair looked and felt a thousand times better, it was soft, healthy and felt so thicker, thicker than I ever remember it feeling. There was no regret, no hate, just amazement and love for my new hair.

I just wish I'd done it sooner, for anyone not sure whether to chop their hair I really can't recommend it enough. Having long hair was a safety blanket one that I'd brush and just leave down. Having short hair has made me play with styles more than ever and to my surprise there's a lot you an do with short hair!

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