Happy List: April 2017

April was a very good month, we both had two weeks off work and although we didn't do anything as we're saving for a Florida holiday next year, it was so nice to relax and not have to get up for work. April was also quite an indulgent month, as there's lots that wants doing in the house and we're saving for a holiday all my cash usually goes towards saving for those things but I was a little naughty in April and made a few purchases so it's back on with saving this month!

1. We spent the first weekend of our two weeks off tidying up our garden. I mentioned in this garden inspiration post what jobs I want to get done in the garden and to be honest we didn't do that many but that back wall in the first picture was full of weeds when I started and it already looks so much better for being cleared!
2. As I've recently started collecting Disney pins, I needed somewhere to display them but I wanted something a little nicer than a plain cork board. Our spare room where the pins our has copper accessories so Josh very kindly spray painted a notice board copper for me and it looks so good in real life!
3. Speaking of pins, this was my modest collection at the start of April when the board went up, since then I've added a Pascal Tsum Tsum pin to it and I've got three other pins on their way as well.
4. The cats have calmed down so much recently, they're 10 months old now and over the past couple of weeks we've seen a huge difference in how calm and settled they've become, don't get me wrong they're still cheeky and cause mischief but they love nothing more than cuddling up to me for a nap now. I may or may not have joined them in napping on more than one occasion too (cats make the best napping partners!)
5. Dobby+Snapchat filters will never not be funny. Unfortunately because Buddy is so dark in won't pick him up but Dobby is the perfect candidate for a good filter!
6. We completed our Bugs Life Funko Pop collection this month with the arrival of Flik, I absolutely love these ones!
7. During our two weeks off we visited a local farm and spent ages walking around and feeding all the cute animals. Of course with it being spring all the lambs had just been born and this one in the photo spent ages letting me tickle its chin. It was the cutest thing ever.
8. When I spotted a bunch of brightly coloured spray painted cacti I couldn't resist picking two up to brighten up our bedroom. The bright blue and red adds a real injection of colour into our grey bedroom and I think they look great.

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