10 things I've learnt about owning a cat

What I've learnt about owning a cat
Last summer two little furballs entered my life, it was always our intention to have a cat when we moved into our own place as Josh has always had pet cats and I really wanted one. We didn't bank on getting two but as it happened we just couldn't bring ourselves to separate the last two brothers of the litter so we ended up bringing two home (you can read the full story of that in my 'Meet Our Kittens' post). Anyway since owning a cat myself I've come to learn a lot of different things. So here are 10 things I've learnt about owning a cat.
  1. They're almost as expensive as having a child - I dread to think just how much money we've spent on our two from scratch posts and toys to bed and food then insurance and vets bills it all adds up. Of course we've doubled our costs with having two but owning a cat really isn't as cheap as you might think.
  2. And after all those expensive toys you buy, they only want the packaging - we've bought so many things where they've more interested in the packaging then they actual toy. A good cardboard box or a Primark bag can keep them entertained for hours.
  3. They own you - I've titled this post 'things I've learnt about owning a cat' but make no mistake, a cat owns you. If it wants to sit in your seat, it will. If it decides it no longer likes supermarket own brand biscuits, only the expensive ones, it will. 
  4. They know nothing about personal space - our two are the worst for this, they will literally ram their faces into mine, stick their bums in my face, bury their faces in my hair, follow me to the toilet, watch me in the bath or shower. Another favourite trick of ours is to wait until you're on the floor cleaning out the litter tray then they'll decide it super urgent they go to the toilet and climb right in infront of you and stare at you whilst doing the worlds longest wee. Nothing is private anymore with a cat so get used to it!
  5. They're beyond inquisitive - the phrase 'curiosity killed the cat' exists for a reason. They're so nosey. For this reason we've had to attach a child lock to our under sink cupboard as they used to open the door themselves and climb in. Cats plus cleaning products aren't a good idea. Our two also love sitting on the windowsills people watching.
  6. Prepare for things to break - with the above curiosity comes the fact that they will climb into places they really shouldn't. So far our two have broke a vase, two glass mixing bowls, a champagne flute and a plate. 
  7. Cats are dicks - seriously if cats were human they'd be called a nob head. Watching TV? They'll sit right in front of it. Working on the computer? They'll press all the keys. Trying to sleep? They'll start up a chorus. Casually minding your own business? They'll bite your toes. They'll knock things off surfaces on purpose, they'll use their scratch post then 30 seconds later they'll scratch your sofa whilst looking at you. 
  8. They'll have a mad hour - even after 8 months when our two have their crazy hour, Josh and I look at each other and are like WTF?! Pretty much out of no where they'll start running up and down the stairs and bouncing off the furniture or play fighting. 
  9. Their fur gets everywhere - I mean everywhere, clothes, furniture, the bathroom, your purse. It doesn't matter how many times up sweep and hoover there will still be fur everywhere. Be prepared to lint roller everything you own. In fact scrap that, they're just messy in general! They flick food out of their bowls and eat it off the floor and kick litter out of their tray (we have a hooded litter tray and they still managed to fire it out of there!)
  10. But after all that, they're the best pets - we got super lucky in that our two are very friendly and affectionate especially for male cats. They love nothing more than being near us, we can never go too far without them following and they love to come for a snuggle. Cats are the best pets and I wouldn't be without our two!

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