Book Review: The Boy That Never Was

The Boy That Never Was by Karen Perry
Three-year-old Dillon vanished in the middle of the night. His father Harry can't forgive himself for not protecting his only child. Yet Harry isn't blamed by his wife Robin: she bares her own secret guilt.
Five years later, thousands of miles away, Harry spots an eight-year-old boy in a crowd - a boy he is convinced is Dillon.

Desperate to find his missing son, Harry's obsession tears apart his marriage, exposing shameful secrets and shattering the one thing he and Robin had left - trust.
Why won't Robin believe Harry? What is she hiding? Can the boy really be Dillon? And how far will Harry go to find their lost son?
The blurb for this book sounded so good, gripping and full of twists and turns. Unfortunately I found it to be the complete opposite, it was dull, predictable and lacking in any real sense of imagination.

Unfortunately what this book lacks is anything new, I could predict what was going to happen a mile off and was left bitterly disappointed by what did actually happen because it just wasn't original. It plodded along at an OK pace but I just didn't feel engaged with the book and for that reason it took me a long time to actually finish it. There isn't really much else I can say about the book as it didn't really leave a lasting impression for me to talk about.

 Rating: ★★

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