The story of our home

For years Josh and I would walk past houses and beautiful new streets and comment on how nice it all looked, hoping that one day we'd be living somewhere similar. There was one particular estate in the village Josh lived in that always got us talking, although we never walked up the street we would often walk along the path that ran parralell to the estate and notice the mixture of brick and stone houses, which at the time Josh and I got together, were only a couple of years old. There was one house in particular that would always have us uttering the words "That looks a nice house". It was a beautiful stone, semi detached house at the end of the street and tucked away in a quiet corner.
 8 years passed and each time we walked up that path one of us would utter the same words we had the first time we'd walked past it. 
Then we started house hunting ourselves  and it quickly became clear we wanted to live in Josh's village. I'd scroll through Right Move daily looking for houses to view, during one of my daily scrolls a house popped up, semi-detached, corner plot, made from stone. I loved it! However at that point there were no internal images of the house to view. Then I read the description, the house didn't have a combi boiler but a seperate boiler and water tank. I'd grown up with that system and knew it was a bit of a ball ache not having instant hot water. I dismissed the house on the grounds that we didn't have a budget that would stretch to replacing the boiler as well as furnishing and decorating. I told Josh about the house that evening and he agreed as lovely as it was we couldn't afford a new boiler.

 A few days passed and each time I looked on Right Move, that house was there staring back at me, then our local weekly paper was released and my Dad showed me the housing supplement and pointed out the very same house I'd seen, the same day Josh's Mum also sent us a photo of the that house. That's when we realised where the house actually was, on the same estate we'd spent 8 years commenting on, what's more it was the same house we'd loved from the path, having only ever seen half of the house and only from the side neither of us had known it was the house we'd loved for so long. A couple of days later the internal photo's were uploaded on Right Move, and the rest, as they say, is history. Here we are living in our dream home and yes we did get the boiler replaced! 

We actually put the offer in for our house a year ago today and we've been here 6 months now and I still have to pinch myself to check that it's real. Sometimes I find my mind wandering during the day and I get a burst of happiness that at the end of the working day I get to go home to Josh, to our beautiful home and of course to our two fur babies. Each morning I walk up the same path Josh and I walked up and I see the view of the house that we spent years looking at only this time the house is ours! I feel so incredibly proud of what we've achieved annd I know any house Josh and I would have moved into would have been lovely, but this one feels extra special, it already had a story and memories before we even moved in and for that I feel especially grateful. I hope the sense of pride, achievement and the great love I have for our home never ends.

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