Happy List: January 2017

 The Happy List is back! For those of you who are unaware of what the Happy List is, it was the first series I ever did on my blog, it started back in 2011 and ran consistently until 2015. It started off as a weekly than a monthly list of positivity. All the little things that had made me happy. Then it stopped, I don't have any real explanation as to why they stopped other than last year my blog took a bit of a backseat with buying a house then moving. Once we'd moved in I struggled to find a routine that allowed me to blog without taking all my spare time up. It's something I'm working on though so I've decided to bring the Happy List back as a monthly feature and see how it goes. If you'd like to see what the Happy List is all about you can look at all my previous posts here.  So without further ado, here is the January 2017 edition of the Happy List.
  1. Tidying - anyone that knows me well will know I'm not a tidy person. I like the house the be clean but I think there's a big difference between cleaning and tidying and the latter is something I'm not good at. However this month I have taken great pleasure in tidying. After Christmas our spare room was a real mess so that was first on the list to get blitzed, shortly followed by my wardrobe and drawers then the kitchen cupboards. It feels so good to have got rid of stuff I no longer need and I love how everything looks now it's tidy.
  2. Making a start on our home projects - we have a new lantern and coffee tables in the living room. It feels to good to have ticked things off the list already. I think we've made a great start.
  3. Our new living room layout - during Christmas we had to move the chair in the living room to fit our tree in. It turned out we loved the chair in its new position so it's stayed like that. The space feels like it's being better used and it's meant we have room for the above mentioned coffee table which I'm completely in love with. 
  4. Slow cooker meals - this is really sad but one thing I was really looking forwards to when we moved was cooking some beautiful slow cooker meals. I'm currently on the look out for a slow cooker recipe book but so far I've made chilli, stew and slow cooked a gammon joint which was amazing. The best thing is you can cook a big batch then freeze what's left over making weekday meal times super quick! 

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