What I got for Christmas 2016

I can without a doubt say that Christmas 2016 has been the best Christmas I've ever had. Of course the best Christmas present was just getting to spend a proper Christmas with Josh in our first home, I really couldn't have asked for anything more as it's all I've ever wanted. 

I know these posts aren't everyone's cup of tea but I personally love these types of posts so if it's not your thing feel free to click off now. Both Josh and I were extremely lucky to receive some amazing presents this year. I've included a photo of Josh's presents too as you only tend to see what girls get in these types of posts, though I do have a massive man child for a boyfriend so it may not be very representative of the male population! (There's a lot of Star Wars stuff!)

Presents from Josh

 Presents from family
I am of course grateful for every single present I've received, as you can see there was a bit of a Disney and Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts theme going on, Josh and my family know me so well! I just wanted to pick out a couple of presents to talk about though. One present not featured here (as it's not something you can really take a picture of) is the main one from my dad and stepmum which is a mini cruise to Amsterdam for Josh and I. I was so overwhelmed by this gift, it's something I've wanted to do for so long and I was never ever expecting anything like that as a gift. Josh was actually in on it, so well done to him for keeping it quiet! Another gift from Josh that I absolutely love is the Just Mouse Things plaque, as some of you may know I opened a small Disney inspired shop at the end of the year. To me this plaque represents the big risk I took, the hard work and the determination to finally do something I'm passionate about.

I am of course in love with all the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts presents. I'd actually seen the Case of Beasts book just a few days before Christmas and fell in love with it, little did I know Josh had already bought it for me. The Harry Potter coins have also made a beautiful edition to my collection. The Butterbeer candle smells amazing, it instantly transports me back to Florida, wandering around Hogsmeade sipping frozen Butterbear!

Been a complete Disney nerd it wasn't a huge surprise that I had a fair few Disney items among my gifts! Josh kindly got me the Disney Princess figurine set which sits nicely alongside my Animator figurine set. Tinkerbell is one of my favourite Disney characters (alongside Rapunzel and Marie) so it was nice to add her to my Funko Pop collection and to get a Britto figurine of her. Finally to the Tomb Sweet Tomb candle is amazing, when we visited Florida Haunted Mansion was one of my favourite rides so it's nice to have a scent to remind me of that.

Josh's presents from me and family
Between us we received a fair few Funko Pops to add to our collection, though we are quickly running out of room to put them now! As I've said, I've had an amazing Christmas this year, it was low key, very relaxed and just what Josh and I wanted. Thank you to everyone one for our beautiful gifts. 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas too. 

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