Reflecting on 2016

Visiting Lincoln // Running the Race For Life // First tattoo // Collecting the keys to our first home // Bringing Dobby home // Bringing Buddy home // The opening of Just Mouse Things // Looking the smartest we've ever looked // First Christmas in our new home

If 2015 was the year for splurging on memory making trips and adventure then 2016 was definitely the year for splurging on the big adult choices in life. 2016 was the year we became home owners, bill payers, co-habiters and kitten parents. 2016 was the year we settled, it was also the year we learned some important lessons regarding solicitors, their high bills, why no one likes them! In short the first half of the year was dominated by buying and creating a home for us to continue our lives together in and the second half by moving and settling in. The end of the year also saw me opening an online store for all things Disney inspired, whilst it's still in the early stages I do have high hopes for my little shop in 2017!

2016 seemed to flash by, maybe because we were so preoccupied with buying a house. We started house hunting in January and by the end of February we'd put an offer in, the next 5 months were dominated by trying to get the house under contract as we encountered a whole list of problems that just seemed to never end. I've never known a year go so fast!

I said in last years post that everything finally felt it was falling into place and this is the year that it all came together. I'm settled and happy but now I have the itch to make a few changes to certain aspects of my life and the itch to go on new adventures. While 2016 was an amazing year for achieving what we've always wanted to do, it did lack the buzz and adventure of 2016 so I'm hoping that 2017 provides us with the opportunity to explore new places.

Much like last year I've been thinking about some goals I'd like to achieve in 2017. Last year I had 3 goals for the year and I pretty much managed to achieve them all. Of course the big one on there was to have our own home so not only achieve that but actually own our own home is such a massive achievement and one I will always feel proud of. So here is what I would like from the next year:
  1. Tick off everything on our home to-do list - if you read this post then you'll know that I have a long list of things I want to do in the house, it'd be great if I could tick everything off this year. 
  2. Go on holiday - we actually already have a mini break to Amsterdam booked for February but I'd love to squeeze in a warm holiday this year too.
  3. Grow Just Mouse Things - I took a big risk with my little shop and this year I'd like to see that risk grow into something great.
  4. Dedicate a little more time to my blog - 2017 will mark 6 years of writing this blog, this year I've really struggled to find time for my blog and to find a balance between work, housey stuff and blogging. I'd like to have a little bit more of a blogging routine next year and find my passion for writing again. 
  5. Celebrate our 10th anniversary in style - next December will be mine and Josh's 10th anniversary, we've always done a bit of something to celebrate each anniversary but I feel that 10 years deserves something special. So no pressure Josh, but get planning!
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