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When we moved into our house in August, we pretty much started from scratch in the living room and our bedroom. We ripped the carpets up and laid wooden flooring and decorated to our tastes, then we moved in and all the other projects sort of got pushed to one side and forgotten about. So I've decided to make a list of all the things we would like to do in the house next year. We have some biggish projects and some small ones on the list. We also really need to sort our kitchen out but that didn't make it onto the list as it's a huge project and one that is very unlikely to get done next year.
1. Neaten around the TV area - we've had loads of ideas for around this area and have struggled to settle on one, as a result it looks a bit of a mess around there now.
2. Make a copper lantern - we love the copper lantern in the picture above and want to fill is with candles and fairy lights.
3. Paint the water mark on the living room ceiling - all the ceiling were repainted when we got the keys but then we had a new boiler put in and when the old hot water tank was removed there was a small leak which has left a mark on the ceiling.
4. Clean the carpets - this was something I always intended to do before moving in but seen as we only had 2 weeks to turn the place around it never happened. They're not the best carpets and I would eventually like them replaced but for now a good deep clean should make it look better.
5. Print and frame pictures - I've always wanted to get some of our Florida photo's printed and framed for in our bedroom rather than having them stuck on the computer.
6. Frame and hang prints - we have quite a few prints that we've never got around to sorting out.
7. Replace upstairs lights - we replaced all the lights downstairs when we moved in but neglected the upstairs, the two bedrooms just have a bulb and the landing and bathroom lights are awful so definitely need replacing.
8.Revamp the bathroom - our budget won't stretch to a new bathroom (not with the kitchen needing sorting too) so it's a case of sprucing up what's already in there. The tiles are predominantly white however they have this awful orange, blue and red border so we're going to buy some white tile paint. We're also going to paint the walls so they fit in with our dark blue and grey colour scheme then we're going to replace the towel ring, the light, the bath taps, the bath panel, the shower head and the shower holder rail. 
9. Buy a new office chair - this is something that can wait but at some point next year I'd like to buy a new chair for my desk. I really like the one from Ikea above. The one a have new is so rubbish, the back doesn't adjust and really weirdly leans right back so there's no support at all.
10. Fill in and paint around door handles - we replaced all the interior door handles in the house however the doors upstairs haven't had the holes filled in from the old handles so this needs doing and then painting over.
11. Revamp exterior door - there's nothing wrong with the exterior door apart from the way it looks. The paint is peeling and it looks messy and tired. The door handle and door knocker and discoloured and old looking and the letterbox is cheap and rattles whenever there's a slight bit of wind. We know someone who resprays doors so we're going to go for a nice grey and replace all the exterior door furniture with something updated and silver. 
12. Fit threshold trims on the flooring - the idea was to replace all the gold threshold trims with silver. We bought now trim but only ended up doing one room so we need to complete this. 
13. Sort out the garden - when we moved in the garden was overgrown, full of weeds and the bushes and trees that had been planted were either dying or really overgrown. I didn't like anything in the garden so my Dad ripped everything out as a result we now have a very bare garden. I have lots of ideas for it as we actually have a very large outdoor space so I'd definitely like to make a start on creating a beautiful garden next year. 

Looking at all that there seems quite a lot but I don't think there's anything on there that isn't achievable in a year. I've wrote it all down on here and in a notebook in the hopes that it will spur us on to complete all these projects as we get the satisfaction of ticking things off the list.

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