The Moving Out Vlogs: Bloopers

Throughout this year I made a series of vlogs to document our experience with buying our first home, you can find all three episodes over on my YouTube channel here. It was always my intention to finish the series with a vlog of our actual moving day but I think I seriously underestimated my ability's and it was just impossible to move all our stuff, sort out what seemed to be never ending boxes and get some of the furniture built. It was a busy and emotional day that ended up with us sat on camping chair with a Chinese takeaway, utterly exhausted. It had been a manic 2 weeks getting the house ready for moving day as it was so filming was the last thing on my mind. However something that came to light with each moving out vlog I edited was that we were building quite a lot of bloopers that often didn't make it into the final cut of the vlogs. So for the final vlog in the moving out series say hello to the bloopers reel! I have to say this was hand on heart one of my favourite videos to edit, I found the whole process of buying our first home very stressful so editing this brought back lots of memories and allowed me to see the lighter side to it. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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