Our first home: Update #2

Before: Like the rest of the house, the staircase and landing was entirely magnolia. The banister looked old and dull and really aged the house. The carpet was the same one that was in the living room and porch. 
After: We painted the wall leading upstairs the same creamy-grey as the living room and then the rest of the walls are cream. We sanded the banister down and repainted it white which made a huge difference to the look and feel of the house. We then built a bookcase for all the beautiful books we've collected over the years. We've left the carpet as it was.

Projects still to do: Replace the light with something more modern, paint the skirting and finish painting the hard to reach parts.

Master bedroom
During: I don't have any true 'before' photos as Josh ripped the wallpaper off the wall pretty much straight away but the top left photo is of the paper that was on the back wall, the rest of the walls were, you guessed it, magnolia! There was the same carpet down that ran through the rest of the house. We laid the same laminate flooring as in the living room and painted the walls. 

Bedroom makeover on a budget
After: Much like the living room, I've always had a very clear idea of what I wanted our bedroom to look like and this way exceeds my expectations. When we first started painting I wasn't sure on the colour but it's really grown on my. I absolutely love the decal above the bed.

Projects still to do: Replace the light, replace the blind and print some Florida photo's for one the windowsill as it's a huge window and looks very bare at the moment.

Before: This was another room that had been seriously neglected. The shower curtain rail was rusty, there was no storage and the floor needed a good scrub.

After: We haven't really done much with the bathroom as it's going to a project for next year. I really don't like a lot of things about this room so I'm hoping to change quite a few things. So far we've just added a tall bathroom cabinet for storage (couldn't get a photo as it's mirrored) and a shower screen rather than a shower curtain.

Projects still to do: Paint the walls, paint the tiles, replace the bath panel, replace the shower head with an LED colour changing one, replace the light and maybe have now flooring as it's quite worn. 
Office/music room
 Before: This had been used a second bedroom when we viewed the house but we don't really have use for a second bedroom so had other ideas. The carpet was the same one that ran throughout the house, the walls were magnolia and there was a purple blind and green curtains up. Behind the door in the second photo there was the hot water tank.

After: We left the carpet down to hopefully absorb some of the sound when Josh is playing his instruments, we painted the walls the same cream as the landing and one wall in the same grey as our bedroom. We took down the curtains but left the blind up. The water tank was removed from the airing cupboard and that now houses the new boiler and is used for storage. All of Josh's instruments came into this room and we built a desk for me to blog and do work from. We have a large bookcase for our massive blu-ray collection and some books. We then but up shelves for all of our nerdy stuff like Tsum Tsum's, Funko Pops, Harry Potter wands and Star Wars stuff. I think this is my favourite room in the whole house!

Projects still to do: Paint the skirting board, replace the light, replace the blind and hang our print collection.

So that was part 2 of our home renovations, as more things change in the house I'll be doing more blog posts. I also plan to a post on some of the smaller details of our home and one about the Disney things we have in our home. If you missed last weeks post you can catch up here.

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