Summer Insta diary and a catchup!

    Long time no blog! I actually haven't blogged in over a month but I do have some very good reasons...
At the end of July we finally got the keys to our house after waiting for 5 months, we then spent two weeks just solidly focusing on the house and getting it ready to move into. Of course we then moved but continued doing up the house before getting away for a couple of nights and finally getting two kittens and then going back to work. Phew, I've tired myself out all over again just reading that! 
But I'm back now and my head is buzzing with content for the blog, I have a desk now which is already making me feel more productive and I'm looking forwards to throwing myself into Laureny Loves more than I ever have over the past 5 years I've been writing. I've got lots of ideas for on here and I'm a lot more active in recent months over on my Facebook page so it would be great if you could join me on there too.

I thought it would be nice to ease back into blogging with a bit of a chat about what I've been up to while I've been away...

For those of you don't know Josh and I both work in schools so we of course had 7 weeks off this summer which was great timing for getting the keys to the house but it also meant we managed to squeeze in lots of other fun stuff too. In July I ran the Race For Life for the first time, it's something I've wanted to do for years but also put it off as I'm not the most sporty person. I'd set myself a target to complete it in under 45 minutes and I came in at around the 37 minute mark so I'm very proud of myself for that.

Also in July I turned 25, I didn't end up doing too much to celebrate to be honest I just went out for a Chinese with Josh and his family. The day after my birthday I got my first ever tattoo, Josh designed it for me around 5 years ago and I've never been brave enough to get it done but I've got the tattoo bug now and I have 3 others in mind! We also picked up the keys to the house the day I got my tattoo so both things rounded my birthday off nicely.

Once we'd spent a few weeks doing up the house we moved in, I do have some posts planned about our new home so I can't wait to share those with you. We managed to get away for a couple of nights in York with my mum and her friend which was a welcome break from flat-pack furniture and cleaning. We both love York so it was nice to relax and spend time in the cosy pubs.

When we came home from York we added to fur babies to our family in the form of Buddy and Dobby the kittens. We originally only planned for one kitten but landed with two, I think I'm going to share a post about the kittens soon so I'll probably go into the story more in that post. I'm completely in love though!

To finish off our fantastic summer we had a house warming party with our family and friends, it was such a great night and good to have everyone round to celebrate our now home with us.

So that was my summer! Jam packed, tiring and extremely fun. I'm so excited to get back into blogging.

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